Jo To Release Second Album This Summer!

We knew something was coming... but we couldn't know how big it was! Jo O'Meara launched a brand new YouTube Channel just recently and she has been teasing a big project for the last couple of weeks. Finally, after big expeculation among fans, the first video of the channel was uploaded yesterday, featuring a stunning Jo in a white background with an elegant piano. She introduced us to her channel, where she will be "doing all sorts of stuff on it" that she "wanted to do for a long time". Among the material that she will upload we can expect some covers, behing the scenes footage and music. Jo is back in the studio doing what she loves the most and definitely what she does best!

If that wasn't exciting enough, she has announced that she is releasing a brand new album this summer. She has been working with Carly Brown Photography to create the visuals and pianist Zoe Alexandria on a project titled "Uncoloured Sessions". We can't tell right now if that is the title of her upcoming album but some fans think it might be the title of 'Relentless's' follow-up album. It's been more than a decade since Jo's debut album was released and the hype and anticipation is huge.

To subscribe and watch Jo's Behing The Scenes Video to her YouTube Channel, click here.

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