10 Years Online!

Wow! 10 years, it's been TEN years since SClubility was launched as a spanish website back in 2009, it was created to commemorate the 10 years since S Club 7 was originally formed. Under the title "A Decade of Music", SClubility's first look was mainly black with the first version of its logo in a cool electric blue at the top of the page.

Throughout all this time the site has gone through multiple layouts, changes and has achieve many accomplishments. I started to post in English to attract a bigger audience some years ago, and the site grew considerably, being the most followed and liked S Club fansite for many years, with a fan base of thousands, and a YouTube channel that achieved a million views. Also, SClubility has worn five different versions of its logo, but always remaining true to its original aesthetic and feel.

During this time we have continued to see our SClubbers grow, we have seen them venture into their different solo projects, and together we celebrated their highly acclaimed 2014 Reunion that brought us a handful of great new memories, thanks primarily to their new tour 'Bring It All Back 2015', probably their best tour to date.

After more than 160 thousand visits, SClubility also continues to grow, 10 years has gone very quickly but while we wait to see what the S has in store for us, hopefully a new reunion at some point... I want to thank each and every one of you, S Club fans, for supporting the site and making our experience as S Club fans more enjoyable and fun, here to another year in S Club history. Thank you!



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