Family is Out Now!

The new S Club single in over 14 years is now available as an iTunes exclusive. This song is released by S Club 7, or hey! S Club 3 members: Bradley Mcintosh, Jo O'Meara and Tina Barrett under the name SC3. The song was written and produced by Simon Fuller and his wife Johanne and according to Digital Spy all of the proceeds of the single will be donated to the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity. In my opinion the song has quite a little Christmas oriented vibe that can make it benefit from December sales, the three S Club members are on Lorraine right now promoting their single, let's see how the song works on the Charts!

Here at SClubility I have already listened to the song which is 3:40 minutes long and I can tell you, it is amazing! Don't hesitate and buy the song now HERE! I would also like to give some credit to Lorna who created the amazing promo cover for the single that you can see here. Great work!

*Important: Later, SClubililty will have an amazing surprise for you to celebrate the release of the song!

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