New Music and Tour?

The Sun: S Club to release new music as a trio as they prepare for 2018 world tour. Jo O'Meara, Bradley Mcintosh and Tina Barrett prove the S Club Party is far from over as they return with an addictive pop anthem.

The three members of S Club 7 will release the group's first new single in 14 years, titled 'Family', next Friday. But they risk angering the group's former members Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt, Jon Lee and Paul Cattermole.

The trio have now rebranded to be called SC3 in a bid to avoid issues with their ex bandmates. A source close to the group said: "Family was originally pitched for all seven of them to sing on their Bring It All Back Tour in 2015, when they toyed with the idea of releasing new tunes. But it was Paul who decided he didn't want to continue, and other members didn't want to release music without the whole band. With S Club 3 now putting the song out, it could cause friction".

The source added: "Paul has made it clear he doesn’t want the group’s legacy damaged which is why they have decided to rebrand to just be SC3”.

The comeback tune has been written and produced by Simon Ellis, who was responsible for their smash hits Never Had A Dream Come True and Don’t Stop Movin’. Former S Club members Rachel Stevens, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee and Hannah Spearritt are yet to comment on the new music. The band toured as a 7-piece for a sold-out arena tour in 2015 but the other four members are now too busy to continue the S Club Party. Hannah Spearritt is gearing up to make her debut in EastEnders and Rachel Stevens continues to appear across television and is a red carpet regular. Jon Lee keeps a relatively low profile but has starred in several West End productions since the S Club heyday. Paul Cattermole continues to sell his possessions on eBay and also starred in a touring production of The Rocky Horror Show since the last reunion.

SClubility: This article and news are coming from The Sun, and you know that they are right as many times as they are wrong, so let's wait for some kind of confirmation from part of S Club. I particularly don't really know what to think since when S Club 7 got together in 2015 Paul was indeed very outspoken about the idea of releasing new music, and he positively declared to be interested in releasing new music as a band. Nonetheless this piece of news would make sense with all the fuss created on Twitter. So again, "Let's see what happens".

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