The Twitter Wars Continue

After Paul's infamous Twitter rant the other day, the media and eventually Hannah found out what happened despite the fact that all the tweets were already deleted by then. It is fair to say that Hannah felt the need to answer back, because she didn't hesitate to take Twitter and profess a response. Here's what she published:

But that is not all, later that day Paul decided to tweet again about the matter writting a couple of tweets replying to Hannah, those tweets were later deleted too but Paul clarified that there was nothing "bad about Hannah to delete actually" just that he was making some clearing and some tweets got deleted.

These events along with some fans' recent negative opinions about Paul selling S Club memorabilia on eBay led to a variety of tweets sent back and forth from Paul to the fans and viceversa arguing about all of these things. Paul concluded by releasing an statement regarding his interview to The Sun:

"Let's go back to the start my door was hammered on A LOT for a story so people would watch EE and her on it. Coz that’s showbiz. I was really nice about her to them. I helped out with exactly what they wanted. I could have been really horrible. But I wasn’t.

I never read it , I don’t need too, I know what I said. I was in a situation where I had NO Choice it had to be done, all the fall out after well that’s what happens and it is to be expected. I was really nice about her. “It has to be a positive story” were my exact words.

I fell on the metaphorical sword to make sure it was positive when could have been incredibly negative. I’m realising now I shouldn’t have bothered. I should have just told them the truth.

I’m sorry that people have been hurt by this, but it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been black balled out of work for 20 years , none of us would be in this mess . And I mean none of us . Without exception.

The people in ivory towers should take responsibility for what they have done. By never giving me any sort of record deal or any job on any t.v. Show - I could go on but you get the picture.

I have been kept from you intentionally by hidden hands and soon-ish it will be revealed why, and an enormous piece of a jig saw puzzle is going click into place!"

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