20 Years Anniversary Project

One of SClubility's affiliates, (run by Lorna) has prepared a very special and important project, one that concerns us all. The project focus on bringing attention to S Club 7's upcoming 20 year anniversary. The idea is to show their management how much the fans would love a new Reunion Tour or any kind of project they would like to do.

"In 2019, it will mark 20 Years since S Club 7 first began. As you know, S Club later split in 2003, but finally reformed in 2014 for their ‘Children in Need’ performance, followed by their incredible ‘Bring it all Back’ arena tour in 2015. The purpose of this project is to raise fan support, to show S Club 7 and their Management team that we would love for them to ‘Bring it all Back….again‘ for another reunion to celebrate their 20 year Anniversary".

To help and show your support for this project and obviously S Club 7 it will be great to have all the fans signing the official fan petition of this project, and you can do it by clicking here.

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