S Club back in the New Zealand Charts!

These days have been a bit bittersweet for S Club fans... On one hand we had S Club 3 back in Australia to tour the country for the vey first time, in their very first visit since 2013 or so, something that the fans there have been waiting for a very long time, many of them couldn't make it to the Reunion of 2015; but on the other hand we discovered that Jo had to be rushed to hospital where she is still dealing with a very serious condition named "strangulated bowel". Luckily she is "on the road to recovery" as she let us know in a recent tweet. And with all of these happenings I forgot to let you know a little piece of happy news, S Club 7's 2015 edition of their Greatest Hits 'BEST' reentered the iTunes chart of New Zealand yesterday, thanks to the appearance of Bradley and Tina at Auckland's concert the other night. Confirmed by S Club 3's representatives and screenshots from fans on Twitter. Congratulations!

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