Bradley is going to be a dad!

Bradley Mcintosh has been busy this last couple of months, not only has he been preparing himself to the upcoming S Club Tour in Australia, which is going to start today, but he has also been busy with lots of preparations for a very special arrival, that's it, you read it in the title, Bradley is the next SClubber to become a parent, and he has just announced it a couple of days ago on a radio interview with 'Luke and Susie', an Australian radio programme that interviewed him a day before he visited the country.

In the interview Bradley started by saying how he's become more cautious with age, he feels less safe when travelling long distances by plane now, the interview continued with a discussion of how S Club have evolved throughout the years, what to expect from them, etc. But the most shocking revelation came when he revealed that he and his girlfriend are expecting a little baby boy. They are six and a half month into the pregnancy and have already decorated the room for the little boy and made all the necessary arrangements.

There are other interesting facts that Bradley talked about in the interview, it is really worth to listen to. You can read the Episode timeline below and listen the whole thing here.

0 – 2:38 minute mark – Luke and Susie introduction and commercial.

2:39 minute mark – Guest Rowdy McLean author of "Play A Bigger Game".

7:29 minute mark – commercial.

8:00 minute mark – Guest singer, songwriter, actor and member of the pop group S Club 7 which is now is S Club 3 (S Club Party), Bradley McIntosh.

8:55 minute mark – Bradley McIntosh heading back down under, the Australian tour!

9:20 minute mark – Miami 7, S Club 7 reunited, S Club 3 and the changes.

10:53 minute mark – talk about making threats and chilling.

11:33 minute mark – Bradley’s most embarrassing moment!

12:33 minute mark – Soon to be a dad! (first time announced here on the radio!)

13:00 minute mark – Bradley preparing for fatherhood.

13:30 minute mark – Talk about swinging skills

14:00 minute mark – It’s a boy!

14:35 minute mark – Traveling and working away from home.

17:00 minute mark – Parenthood change people.

18:30 minute mark – What to expect from S Club 3 on their come back tour here in Australia?

19:55 minute mark – Wikipedia facts on Bradley McIntosh television and film roles, omit the Scot from Amoc part (it is not true! What do you expect from Wikipedia!)

24:00 minute mark – Closing part.

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