Sky News Presenter flirts with Rachel on Live TV!

Things got rather awkward on Sky News last friday morning as Stephen Dixon flirted up a storm with Rachel Stevens live on air. Rachel who is mother to daughters Minnie and Amelie appeared on Sky News to discuss how parents don't get a lot of time to read with their children at bedtime; as part of her new campaign to promote

Before he introduced Rachel, Stephen said in reference to her solo single: "You know what they want, Rachel Stevens? They want Sweet Dreams My LA Ex. That's what they're after!".

"I see what you did there", Rachel then giggled nervously.

Not ending things there, Stephen even went on to say with a cheeky grin on his face: "I've got that album at home". Stephen eventually moved on to the topic in hand, with him saying: "Good to see you this morning! You've got two small children…".

Rachel replied: "The research is interesting because I can relate to how busy people can get. The kids are really tired before bed and when you've got other children to look after. It's got to be fun for kids and parents". She went on: "It is hard, I've been through phases where the kids just pick the same. They're in the Mr. Men phase at the moment".

As part of the promotion for the ReadingEggs campaign she continued the promotion on friday afternoon with an interview with Jon Holmes for TalkRadio. She told Jon about her career and her campaign. She said: "Reading is so important, not only for literacy, but for social skills, for creativity, imagination, everything".

Jon also thanked her for appearing in a cancer awareness video and telling men to check their testicles for any irregularities that could be a sign of testicular cancer. Do you remember Everyman?

Some other interesting things that she spoke about is that she was the fifth member to join S Club 7 and apparently she has some "exciting projects" lined up for 2017! Let's see what's Rachel up to... You can listen to the whole interview here.

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