Jo's Amazing Resolution

Some days ago Jo took Instagram to ask the fans what their New Year resolutions are for this 2017 and in a direct statement Jo firstly declared that she wants to be healthier and then she also revealed that she's eager to get back to the recording studio! Presumably to record some new songs, hopefully this could lead to the release of a follow-up of her critically-praised debut album of 2005, 'Relentless'. There's no need to say that this would be a dream come true to many fans.

It would be really interesting to see what direction would Jo choose, her first album was very ballad-driven but in an interview with Top Of The Pops in 2006 she revealed that she wanted to experiment with Hip Hop for her second record. After the CBB events in 2007 fans expected a very personal album from her, an album that was supposed to be recorded at the beggining of 2009 as she announced in an interview with Lorraine Kelly at GMTV in 2008 after the birth of Jo's son Lenny. For unknown reasons that album was never recorded as planned but it seems that now Jo feels the need to express herself musically again, thanks God!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, the music industry has changed and to release an album won't be as easy as some might think. Nonetheless SClubility is really enthusiastic at what this determination brings Jo and I would like to wish her the best of the luck for this 2017. Let's see if this year sees the comeback of the Golden Voice!

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