Happy 2007!

Just in the middle of the first week of 2017 I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year in the name of SClubility, the S Club fansite that you follow since 2009. Thank you one more time for your support! I really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holidays. Let's see if 2017 turns out to be an interesting year for S Club fans. Last year was quite a calm year in terms of S Club plans, at least it was compared to the two previous amazing years of 2014 and 2015 in which we finally got to see our favourite septet back in the spotlight and on the road doing what they do best!

Most of the SClubbers used social media to wish the fans a Happy 2017; Jo also took the oportunity to raise awareness once again towards the fight for the rights of the animals, Hannah's dog Lola remembered the most shocking political events of 2016 and Tina was joined by her little boy, Roman in a photo that accompanied her greeting tweet. Below you can see these tweets and others from Jon and Rachel.

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