Don Mancini loved working with Hannah

As you already know, Hannah Spearritt starred in the fifth installment of the horror movie franchise 'Child's Play'. In 2004 Hannah worked with director Don Mancini as well as Jennifer Tilly and Redman in the successful movie, 'Seed Of Chucky'.

After the sixth movie was released direct to DVD a couple of years ago, Chucky is ready to see his comeback to the big screens in 2017 in his first movie back to theaters since 2004. Temporarily titled 'Chucky 7', the movie began its production last September.

As details start to be revealed I came upon this little poster that you see at the right and as a big fan of Hannah and Chucky myself I couldn't help but tweet about the movie and ask Don Mancini to bring Hannah back to the franchise, I jokingly suggested that she could portray Joan's twin sister (Joan is the name of Hannah's character in 'Seed Of Chucky'). To my surprise Don answered my tweet saying he loves Hannah and that he loved working with her!

Although it is very unlikely that Hannah will ever appear again in a movie of Chucky, it will definitely be great to see her in a little cameo. See SClubility's tweet and Don's answer below:

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