Welcome to the 7th Heaven!

Finally, it's here! SClubility's new layout... actually it's more than just a new look for the site, SClubility has been completely revamped. What you are looking at is what I wanted the site to be since I opened it back in 2009. This year on February 19th the site reached its 7th year online! And I decided I couldn't wait more time, it needed a change, it has taken a while, it's been very difficult to find a good way to build what you see but I really hope you like the result!

I chose this day to launch it because this week two years ago S Club 7 returned for the first time in 11 years to the spotlight, they sang a medley of their hits at 'Children In Need', the medley was the most watched part of the night and it all resulted in 'Children In Need's most successful year ever!

The new layout of SClubility, the 25th, is called '7th Heaven' and it brings a new structure to the whole web. Take a minute to see all the new sections and stay tuned as I will be updating the site with more. Our main banner commemorates every single logo used by SClubility since its first year online. The section of 'S Club 7' features an individual section for every S Club album and our star section 'SClubility-Cafe' has been completely revamped also with new sub-sections too. You can have a look at our section of 'S Club Locations' that has been updated with over 20 locations more and each location features a little interactive map; read our FHM and Seeing Double specials or read Paul Louis' exclusive interview.

Moreover, and to keep celebrating SClubility's 7th year online I have brought back SClubility's YouTube channel, now under the name of 'SClubilityTV' which now has its proper space on the web.

The picture you see above is the moment I have already shared with you on SClubility's Facebook page, Jo holding my hands on London last day 1, I just thought it was perfect to illustrate what SClubility is for me and I wanted to share it with you again. I don't want to finish this entry without saying thank you to all of you who have visited the site over the years, without you and your love for S Club, SClubility wouldn't be what it is.

Please, let me know what you think about the site on its C-Box and come back regularly as the site unfolds all its glory in the coming weeks. I am in the middle of bringing some other surprises that I can't say yet, so fingers crossed.

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