Tina Wants You

So, you're Tina's biggest fan, own all her records (including everything she did with S Club 7) and you've seen her in concert (if you were lucky enough to get tickets!). Well, now is your chance to prove it!

As you already know, Tina's new single, 'All Fired Up' is out now! and her label is putting together a music video with a difference… think SnapChat meets Lip Sync Battle! Early Dawn Records want her most dedicated fans to film themselves singing along to the track. Don't worry, they will mute your lovely voices, so it really doesn't matter if you can't sing, you just need to look like you can! They will cut you all into the video and make you a star! They want the best, glammed up, diva performance you can give. Feel free to be loud, proud and show off! Want your dog to sing along with you? Great! Groups of girls or boys “doing their dance”? Perfect! Just make sure whatever you are doing is safe – They don't want to receive any videos of people doing anything that would put them or others in danger in any way. You just need to film it on your mobile phone and send them the footage along with signing a simple release form so that they can use your video in Tina's official pop video!

This is your chance to become a pop video, internet sensation, so if you would like to take part click here!

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