All Fired Up Out Now!

Tina Barrett's new single 'All Fired Up' has finally been released officially on all the main digital outlets. This is Tina's third solo single to be released since 'Fire' in 2012 and 'Makin Me Dance' in 2013. Tina recently spoke to Hello Magazine about her relationship with music and this single:

"I love doing music, it’s always been my passion, so to be able to release my own stuff is a dream come true. I co-wrote it and it’s quite personal, so I do feel a bit exposed".

The demo version of this song has been floating around internet for a few years now and in 2014 the official remixed version by Willian Orbit (Madonna, Robbie Williams) was uploaded to the producer's offical SoundCloud account. Chris Keen has been the ultimate producer to mix the final version of the song which has been released by Early Dawn Records.

On the release of her new song, Tina has said: "I recorded it a while ago but I recently started working with a producer who's remixed it and brought it back to life. I would like it to do well but I’m releasing it on an independent label so we'll have to see what happens without a major label backing it. I've been in the business for a long time so I’m used to the nerves you get before releasing new music. If it goes well, perhaps I'll release some more stuff".

Click in any of the following links to purchase 'All Fired Up! now: Itunes, Itunes US, Amazon, Amazon US, Google Play and Spotify.

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