Rachel Embarrassed Of 90's Trends

Rachel Stevens has recently said that she is embarrassed by her 90s fashion taste. The S Club 7 star has admitted she cringes when she thinks back to her fashion style in her pop-group days in the 90s.

The 38-year-old star exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “God, I tell you, some of the things I look back on, the odd picture I see here and there, I say ‘What on earth, what was I thinking?!’ I mean I thought it looked alright, being a pop band in the 90s was never a good look, you’re always going to have your fashion faux pas but you just do it publicly. The 90s was just brilliant, it’s only when you look back on it and you’re like ‘wow’. But it was an amazing time, an amazing part of pop history to be a part of”.

Far from the 90s fashion era, the beauty was named 2016’s official style ambassador for the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby which took place last June, there she was the main judge at the annual ladies day event. She beamed: “You know what, I love Ireland, it’s really like my second home, so going back there felt like coming home almost. Because on ‘The Voice’ I was back and forth all the time, so I felt really honoured to be asked to do it and I love fashion. I mean, from school I went to London College of Fashion, it’s something that I’ve always had a passion for!"

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