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It is usually said: "Don't judge a book by its cover". It is a quote of an expression that means that "you shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance only". But the cover of a book is really important, it is the image that's selling the entire work and therefore it should be clear, engaging and appealing.


Like the covers of books, the posters of films are very important, they are the ultimate image to present the story, the image you will normally look at while queueing to buy your tickets at the cinema and the picture you will remember in the future. To judge a movie by its poster is a very silly thing, there have been horrible posters for wonderful movies and vice versa. Nonetheless it is true that when a poster is good it may change your perception of the film and that's another reason of why having a good image to present the final product is important.

In the case of S Club's debut movie Seeing Double, the official poster works really well. While being simple and not over saturated with effects, there are many things happening in this poster... After all, not every movie has six equally leading protagonists in it and you won't normally see the film's poster featuring all of them. Apart from the six members of the group there are two other protagonists in this image, the castle and S Club's classic red convertible, (*cough* chevrolet-wannabe *cough*), two main elements in the movie; together with the title, the slogan and the credits, this poster is a very well-balanced one.

Another interesting quote by Jean Luc-Godard says: "All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl"... Well, there are no weapons in Seeing Double but we have three more girls than the one needed. Does that fact make this movie better? Not really, but the way in which all the female members are featured in one side of the poster and the male in the other is really nice, assymetry when used fittingly is a fantastic device for art.

However there is one element that stands out from the rest in this poster and that is the colour purple, it is said that most children love the colour purple, that it is the favourite of many artists and it's said to give the impression of something that is fun and easy to deal with. Maybe these facts made the graphic designers choose the colour purple. Moreover: Did you know that purple is the colour of good judgment? It apparently is. 

So we know how silly is to judge a book, or movie in this case by its cover/poster, and we won't do it. But one thing seems obvious, the poster of Seeing Double couldn't have been more appropriate.

Watch the movie on iTunes for just £3.99 here.

S Club's feature film was released in DVD and VHS at the end of 2003 in the UK and Ireland and in early 2004 in the rest of the major markets around the world. The DVD was re-released in 2008 in the UK five years after its theatrical release but the DVD maintained the same format as the previous one. 

The original poster of the movie was the main image used for the DVDs released during these years around the world, but two other alternative covers were created aswell. These two alternative covers had blue as its characteristic colour, one featured a picture of the group with Hannah in the front; and the other featured two S Clubs with the movie title in the middle.

Rumours said that the DVDs of the countries in which Rachel was more popular than the rest of the band featured the original purple poster (in which Rachel is slightly in the middle). Meanwhile, other rumours declared that countries in which a mature perception of the group was sought, the blue cover featuring Hannah in the front was chosen. The reason behind this selection was that Hannah was S Club's only member with past training in acting. The three different covers were used to create the DVDs for all the countries where the movie was sold, with some stylistic variations from country to country.

The following images are an exclusive SClubility collection of images of the different Seeing Double covers from all around the world. I would like to thank Tiago Carvalho, Dale Frost-Massey and Cristian Can for their additions to this section.


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