"seeing double" 2002


"Underneath the sky there's a heaven"


1. Alive

2. Whole Lotta Nothing

3. Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You

4. Bittersweet

5. Straight From The Heart

6. Gangsta Love

7. Who Do You Think You Are?

8. Do It Till We Drop

9. Hey Kitty Kitty

10. Dance

11. Secret Love

12. The Greatest

13. In Too Deep

14. Let Me Sleep

15. Every Kinda People

16, Alive (Almighty Mix)

*UK Special Edition

"It's time to discover a new religion"



Tracks 1, 3 & 10 were produced by Simon Ellis; Track 2 by Lars Jensen and Martin Larsson; Track 4 by Ben Champman; Track 5 by Boo Dan; Tracks 6 & 13 by Ray Hedges; Tracks 7 & 8 by Johnny L., Track 9 by Sugargang; Track 11 by Tim Laws; Track 12 by David Frank; Track 14 by Michael Rose and Nick Foster; And Track 15 by Absolute.



Released: 25 November 2002

Genre: Electronic Pop/Dance

Length: 61:05

Label: Polydor Records/Universal

Photographer: Sean McMenomy



Tracks 1, 3 & 10 were written by Simon Ellis and Sheppard Solomon; Track 2 by Lars Jensen, Martin Larsson and Mick Lister; Track 4 by Ben Chapman and Lucie Silvas; Track 5 by Henry Binns, Yoyo Olugbo, Henry Binns and S Club 7; Tracks 6 & 13 by Ray Hedges, Nigel Butler and Tracy Ackerman; Tracks 7 & 8 by Cathy Dennis and Johny L.; Track 9 by Stephen Lee, Wayne Wilkins and Avril Mckintosh; Track 11 by Tim Laws, Thomas Nichols and Tina Barrett; Track 12 by Stephen Kipner, David Frank and Nathan Butler; And Track 14 by Michael Rose, Nick Foster and Kim Fuller.





The album was first announced as being titled 'Alive', probably to keep secret the title of S Club's homonymous movie of 2003.

Despite failing to impact the Charts, Seeing Double sold 300.000 copies worldwide just in 2002, benefited from Christmas sales.

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