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During the years that S Club spent together they travelled the world. Every successful band do it, they do so for promotional reasons, to be recognised in different territories or for touring countries to showcase their music... But S Club 7 used to travel for other great reasons too; they chose foreign destinations to be the settings of their four TV series. Miami, Los Angeles and Barcelona were the main cities where the group filmed their show and their 2003 movie, 'Seeing Double'; but they also visited cities in countries like Kenya, Thailand, Brazil or Russia among others to shoot their highly praised documentary series 'S Club 7 Go Wild!'. Not to mention the different places they visited like every other band to attend events or ceremonies particularly across the UK and Europe or America in general. Summing up, there are many recognizable locations for S Club fans around the globe where our septet immortalized their trajectory.

Well... Would you like to visit those places? Now you can! In 2014 SClubility joined forces with our friends at S Club fansite, S Club Media, to bring you this very special project. Our project provides you with a big detailed Travel Guide with all the information that you need to visit what I call the S Club Locations.

When I discovered that S Club Media was preparing a list of all the "S Club" American places they knew about, I thought it was a great idea and I offered them my help because I knew they were just focused on Miami and Los Angeles. When you live in a different continent from the place you are researching about, finding results becomes an arduous task. So I provided all the information about Barcelona in the first place. An efficient S Club team working at its best! In 2016 I updated the list of locations to commemorate the seventh year of SClubility online and added more places from every season as well as some others. Furthermore I have also created the 'Go Wild Locations', another special section of SClubility-Cafe which is linked to this one, that will provide you with all the different places where S Club 7 went to film their documentary series about endangered animals, to see the 'Go Wild Locations' list click on the green circle. I would like to thank Katey and Catherine for the good time we had putting the project together. We hope that you like the result as much as we do. Please, enjoy!



villas by the sea



Featured in: All Episodes.

Location: 4511 El Mar Dr.

                Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL  33308

Known in the series as “Florida Paradise Hotel”, this hotel served as the main filming location in Miami 7. The interior shots of the dormitories were not of the actual hotel and were filmed in the UK. S Club 7 stayed in the hotel while filming. It was originally located on El Mar Drive in an area known as Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. The hotel was tore down in 2005 and rebuilt at a new location further down the road.


The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale



Featured in: "The Alligator"

Location: 2414 E Sunrise Blvd

                 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Website: Here.


When Howard plans a blind date with a girl online, Tina, Rachel, and Jo take him to the Galleria Mall at Fort Lauderdale to give him a radical makeover.

howard borlotti's house



Featured in: "The Blue Chevy" & "The Alligator"

Location: 1149 North Rio Vista Boulevard

                 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


Located on prestigious Rio Vista and surrounded by fancy homes we find what was Howard Borlotti's house on Miami 7. In the series the house was guarded by Clint, the alligator and the guys visited this place a couple of times.

miami seaquarium



Featured in: "How Deep Is Your Love"

Location: 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway

                 Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Website: Here.


Fictionally called the “Seaquarium Dolphin Cove”, Howard sends the hotel staff and the band on the Annual Staff Retreat after Hannah tells a customer that there was cockroach in the hotel kitchen and The Florida Paradise Hotel temporarily gets closed down.

Wyndham Royal Vista



Featured in: "Missing"

Location: 1110 S Ocean Blvd

                 Pompano Beach, FL 33062

Website: Here.


When Howard loses a card game, he has to send the group to the "Sunset Sand’s Hotel" to work for his cousin, Hank. The hotel real name is Wyndham Royal Vista Resort Accomodations. *Thanks to CJ Stephens for this information.

THE TIDEs south beach hotel



Featured in: "Reprise"

Location: 1220 Ocean Dr.

                 Miami Beach, FL 33139

Website: Here.


After their 3 month contract is up in Miami, S Club 7 take a limo around the city (charged to Howard’s credit card) and meet Jill Ward (S Club 7's songwriter, Cathy Dennis) for lunch at this posh hotel where they discuss the band’s future.

la & hollywood


the renaissance tower



Featured in: The Opening Title & "Making Movies"

Location: 501 W Olympic Blvd

                 Los Angeles, CA 90015

Website: Here.


The Renaissance Tower was the building chosen to film LA 7's musical introduction. Located in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles, it was the perfect spot see the skyline of the city. *I'd like to thank @sclub7_facts for giving us this info, #SClubFamily.

Rock Store



Featured in: "Clever Camp"

Location: 30354 Mulholland Highway 
                 Cornell, California 91301

Website: Here.


When S Club 7 finally made it to California they are down to their last dollars. As they stop at a the café called Rock Store to figure out how to get money, the waitress hands them a newspaper with a job for them. The group heads out to "Camp Elysium" to become counselors.

Villa del Sol d’Oro



Featured in: "Clever Camp"

Location: 675 W Highland Ave

                 Sierra Madre, CA 91024

Website: Here.


Also known as "Camp Elysium" or "Clever Camp", S Club 7 get a job there as counselors and teach the brainy kids how to have fun.  Located in Sierra Madre where they shot the scenes of the town they visit in 'Into The Unknown' and where they sold the red Chevy in 'Hello Hollywood', the place is around the Kersting Court area. The car dealer was created beside a shop called Happy’s on Sierra Madre Boulevard. Nowadays the camp is a building available for rental to organize events and celebrations. *Thanks to CJ Stephens for this information.

the Saharan motor hotel



Featured in: "Hello Hollywood"

Location: 7212 Sunset Blvd

                 West Hollywood, CA 90046

Website: Here.


The band makes it to LA but now they need to find somewhere to sleep for the night. This hotel seemed perfect on their tight budget but at $80 a room the girls make Jon, Bradley, and Paul sleep in the car. The boys end up squeezing through the bathroom window to sleep inside which breaks the hotel policy. The manager finds all 7 of them in the double room and kicks the group out of the hotel.

la beach house



Featured in: From "Hello Hollywood" to "Goodbye Hollywood"

Location: 720 The Strand

                 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Though stated in the show as being located on Venice Beach, Joni’s beach house is actually located further south on Manhattan Beach. Joni offered S Club the upstairs apartment to rent after she ran over Bradley while rollerblading on the beach at the beggining of the season.

Danny’s Venice



Featured in: From "Hello Hollywood" to "Game Boy" & "Goodbye Hollywood"

Location: 23 Windward Ave

                 Venice, California 90291

Website: Here.


Known as the "Venice Vista Café", in real life this restaurant is called Danny's Venice. In LA 7, S Club 7 perform 'Natural' for their first gig there and in later episodes they would perform 'I'll Keep Waiting', 'Stand By You' and 'Cross My Heart'. Paul, Bradley, and Jon are all seen working as stuff at the café occasionally.

malibu mansion



Featured in: "House Sitting"

Location: 6288 Porterdale

                 Dr, Malibu, CA 90265


This spectacular mediterranean Villa is the mansion in which S Club 7 threw the massive S Club Party that devastated the place in LA 7. Supposedly located in Bel-Air, this mansion (like the real house of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) is actually located in Malibu. It has been on the market a couple of times since LA 7 and the last time it was sold for $13M. *Thanks to CJ Stephens for this information.

Water Reclamation Plant



Featured in: "Making Movies"

Location: 6100 Woodley Ave

                 Los Angeles, CA 91406


The Donald C. Tillman Reclamation Plant is one of the locations that S Club 7 used in their bank robber movie. The radio station and photocopying shop in the episode 'Working' were also located in the grounds of this place along with the reception desk of the "StratiSoft Company" in the episode 'Game Boy'. *Thanks to CJ Stephens for this information.

Linda Vista Senior Apartments



Featured in: "Working"

Location: 630 S St Louis St

                 Los Angeles, CA 90023


In 'Working', the group all need to get jobs to fix the wiring in Joni’s apartment. In this building Bradley posed as a nude model for aspiring painters. *Thanks to CJ Stephens for this information.

Venice beach lifeguard stands



Featured in: "Mr Muscle", "Game Boy" & "Goodbye Hollywood"

Location: Venice Beach, California 90291


If you visit Los Angeles, don't forget to take a picture in one of the iconic lifeguard stands that are situated all along Venice Beach. Throughout many LA 7 episodes we can see the S Club members seated on them on many occasions.

capitol records



Featured in: "Hello Hollywood" & "The Last Chance"

Location: 1750 Vine St

                 Los Angeles, CA 90028

Website: Here.


S Club 7 are seen in the surroundings of the famous circular building of Capital Records at the beggining of both LA 7 and Hollywood 7.

walk of fame



Featured in: "Hello Hollywood" & "The Last Chance"

Location: 7018 Hollywood Blvd

                 Los Angeles, CA 90028

Website: Here.


If you want to Reach For The Stars in true S Club Style, there's no better plan to do in LA than going for a walk in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The stars are often shown sporadically in many episodes from LA 7 and Hollywood 7 and you can see the band looking at the stars in a couple of them.

venice suites



Featured in: From "The Last Chance" to "Public Relations"

Location: 417 OceanFront Walk

                 Venice, CA, 90291

Website: Here.


When the band leaves the ‘unstable’ house on the hill in the 'Christmas Special', they move into this loft apartment in Hollywood. They live here until Dean’s record company rents them a new house. The building is in reality part of a collection of apartments that belong to Venice Suites.

griffith observatory



Featured in: "The Last Chance"

Location: 2800 E Observatory Ave

                 Los Angeles, CA 90027

Website: Here.


The Griffith Observatory is the first location we see in Hollywood 7. Paul is recording the group as they discuss not being famous yet. Visitors at the Griffith Observatory can look through telescopes and enjoy spectacular views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign.

Airplane Graveyard in Mojave



Featured in: "The Last Chance"

Location: East Kern Airport District, 1434 Flightline

                 Mojave, CA 93501

Website: Here.


The Mojave Air and Space Port is the airplane graveyard in the desert of Mojave "where the big silver birds go to die" and where S Club 7 filmed the iconic first performance of 'Show Me Your Colours'.

hollywood house



Featured in: From "Doing The Deal" to "The Return"

Location: 1100 Grace Ln

                 Los Angeles, CA 90049


This great house, one of the biggest of its neighbourhood was S Club 7's home after signing with their record company in Hollywood 7. *Thanks to CJ Stephens for this information.

Gaudy Malibu Mansion



Featured in: "The Kiss"

Location: 30553 Morning View

                 Dr, Malibu, CA


The impressive Gaudy mansion was the set for Hollywood 7's record company party at the beginning of the memorable episode of "The Kiss". The house was on the market a couple of years ago and it offered a rent of $75K a month and a selling price of $25M.

lax international airport



Featured in: "The Cousin"

Location: 1 World Way

                 Los Angeles, CA 90045

Website: Here.


Paul, Jo, and Hannah head to the famous airport of Los Angeles, LAX International at the beginning of the episode 'The Cousin' to pick up Hannah’s cousin, Ben.

los angeles memorial coliseum



Featured in: "The Cousin"

Location: 3911 S Figueroa St

                 Los Angeles, CA 90037

Website: Here.


Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is the setting for the LA Marathon that Dean makes S Club 7 and Ben run. Go Muffins!

Korean Bell Of Friendship



Featured in: "The Fan"

Location: 3601 S Gaffey St

                 Los Angeles, CA 90731

Website: Here.


This is one of the locations in which S Club filmed the fictional music video for 'Summertime Feeling'. The group dressed in black and white as ninjas.

Angel Food Do-nuts



Featured in: "Seeing Double"

Location: 1907 East Carson Street, Long Beach

                 California 90807


Probably one of my favourites S Club locations, not only for its peculiarities but also because it was quite difficult for me to find this one! Angel Food Do-nuts has changed its aspect a bit throughout the years but remains true to its original appearance. In 'Seeing Double' this local was the first stop for S Club in Los Angeles.

The Vasquez Rocks



Featured in: 'S Club Party' Music Video

Location: 10700 Escondido Canyon Rd

                 Agua Dulce, CA 91350


The music video for 'S Club Party' was filmed in the Californian desert, in the famous setting of Vasquez Rocks, on the set of their 'Back to the 50's' special.

Ennis House



Featured in: 'Have You Ever' Music Video

Location: 2607 Glendower Ave.

                 Los Angeles, California

Website: Here.


The iconic Ellis House in Los Angeles served as the perfect setting for the video of S Club 7's third number one single, 'Have You Ever'.

The Deep Club



Featured in: 'Alive' Music Video

Location: 1707 North Vine St
                 Los Angeles, CA 90189


As seen in the CD:UK's "Behind The Scenes" special for S Club's video of 2002, 'Alive', the club called "The Deep" in Vine Street in Hollywood was the club used for the video of the first single of 'Seeing Double', the album. Nowadays the club is closed.



World Trade Center Barcelona



Featured in: Opening Theme

Location: Moll de Barcelona, 08039


Website: Here.


The energetic intro for Viva S Club was shot at the roof terrace of this business building in the middle of Barcelona’s harbour.

El Xalet De Montjuic Restaurant



Featured in: Most of the Episodes

Location: Avinguda de Miramar, 31, 08038


Website: Here.


Viva S Club’s fantastic house in Barcelona is nowadays a luxurious restaurant. The place was bought in 2004 by the company Grup Travi which remodeled the building noticeably.

Estació de França



Featured in: "The Fame In Spain", "A Problem Like Maria" & "Goodbye Is The Hardest Word"

Location: Avinguda del Marquès de l'Argentera, 6, 08003


Website: Here.


Barcelona’s train station is the initial point of Viva S Club; it is also the place where Rachel and Hannah discovered that Maria was not working only as their housekeeper; and where the S Club boys run around while singing 'Hello Friend'.

Parc Güell



Featured in: "The Fame In Spain", "A Problem Like Maria" & "Jon De Bergerac"

Location: Carrer d'Olot, s/n, 08024


Website: Here.


Parc Güell is the first touristic stop for S Club; they admired “El Drac” (the dragon sculpture) and the different structures of the famous parc when Bradley realized he wanted to become a painter. The moment when Jo tried to fire Lyall, their new manager; some scenes from “Sunshine”; and the scene where Paul and Tina are songwriting were all also shot in here.

Sala La Paloma



Featured in: "A Problem Like Maria" & "Jon De Bergerac"

Location: Carrer del Tigre, 27, 08001



This emblematic music Lounge from Barcelona is where S Club 7 performed “Don’t Stop Movin’ and where Bradley felt in love with Isabella. After Viva S Club the building was abandoned and closed for many years until it was restored and finally reopened in July 2016.

Club S Club



Featured in: From "Absent Friends" to "Of Mice And Music"

Location: Latitude: 41°13'24.55"N;

                 Longitude: 1°46'33.76"E

                 08870 Sitges

Tel: 938 110 016


This pub, old disco L'Atlantida, is next to Sitges' Camp de Golf. The roads to follow are called C-246a and Carrer Joan de la Cierva. Know in the series as "Club Catalán" and later "Club S Club" is the place which the band decided to buy after Paul’s departure. This pub gave S Club the opportunity to perform whenever they wanted; they sang a great variety of songs from "Seeing Double" in here.

Passeig Joan de Borbó



Featured in: "Absent Friends"

Location: Passeig Joan de Borbó, 63, 08003


This street is seen in the "Absent Friends" episode, Bradley, Rachel and Hannah go shopping to try to keep Han distracted from thinking about Paul’s departure. One of the shops they visit is “El Remitger”, currently open under another name.

Sant Sebastiá Beach’s Promenade



Featured in: "The Rain In Spain" & "Of Muice And Music"

Location: Carrer de la Vila Joiosa, 52, 08003


This beach’s promenade next to “La Barceloneta” is where the group discussed what was going on between Lyall and the waitress he was in love with; and where Rachel tried to persuade the inspector to sign them a performance license.

Basílica de Santa María del Mar



Featured in: "Of Muice And Music"

Location: Plaça de Santa Maria, 1, 08003


Website: Here.

Next to this basílica is where the band debated whether they should perform at their club without the performing license or not.

Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia



Featured in: "The Fame In Spain" & "Goodbye Is The Hardest Word"

Location: Pla de la Seu, s/n, 08002


Website: Here.

This is the Cathedral that Bradley used as an inspiration for one of his paintings; also Jo and Jon sing 'Hello Friend' around the building in the episode "Goodbye Is The Hardest Word".

Nova Icária Beach and Inercia Xiringuito



Featured in: "Goodbye Is The Hardest Word" & "Superstition"

Location: Playa de Nova Icària, 08005


Facebook: Here.

The beach of Nova Icária is where the beach bar, "Inercia Xiringuito", is located. This bar is the place where María ran after Bradley to keep him away from eating junk food; here, the band talked with Lyall about the promotion of the demo of 'Gangsta Love'; and Nova Icária is also the beach where the S Club girls freed the lobster.

Sant Sebastiá Beach in Sitges



Featured in: "The Fame In Spain", "A Problem Like Maria" & "Seeing Double"

Location: Carrer de Port Alegre

                 08870 Sitges

In this beach the band discussed their future in Spain with Lyall; here is also located the overlook in which they argued about who had to be the one firing him. The Sant Sebastiá beach appears both at the beginning and the end of Seeing Double, first when they are in the bar where they see their clones performing on TV and then at the end when they speak about their clones getting paid in boomerangs.

Vivero Beach Club Restaurant



Featured in: "The Fame In Spain" & "A Problem Like Maria"

Location: Paseo Balmins, s/n, 08870 Sitges

Website: Here.

In this warm restaurant by the beach of Sant Sebastiá in Sitges, Bradley revealed that someone was interested in the creations he had been doing as a painter; and Hannah and Rachel discussed the problems going on with Maria.

Sant Bartolomé I Santa Tecla Church



Featured in: "Jon De Bergerac"

Location: Plaça de l’Anjuntament, 20

                 08870 Sitges

Website: Here.

When Jo tried to become a more feminine girl, Hannah and Rachel persuaded her to try to convince the barman of a pub to let the band perform there. This pub is a fictional place located at Passeig de la Ribera, but at the back the church of Sant Bartolomé I Santa Tecla Church is spoted, there is also where the band sang “Sunshine” later on.

La Rambla and El Mirador de Colón



Featured in: "The Fame In Spain"

Location: La Rambla, 08002, Barcelona

Website: Here.

La Rambla is one of Barcelona's most famous streets; here is located the pub where Jo, Rachel and Paul were interviewed by an American magazine; and where Jon wrote one of the love letters to help Bradley win the love of Isabella. At one end of La Rambla we find "El Mirador de Colón", a monument which is also featured in the show, at Plaza Portal de la Pau. Here is where S Club met the bunch of fans that Jon and Lyall hired to encourage the band and it is also where the group sang "Summertime Feeling".

Parc de la Ciutadella



Featured in: From "Goodbye Is The Hardest Word" to "Shake Down" & "Spanish Jon"

Location: Passeig de Picasso, 21, 08003


Website: Here.

In this park in the middle of Barcelona is set up the fictional bar where Paul talked with Lyall about his departure; and where the band discussed their new name. There was another fictional bar that they set up here by the park’s lake, where Jon discovered his Spanish relative, Don Eduardo; moreover the scene where Hannah smashes Jon’s guitar was also shot in this park.

Poble Espanyol



Featured in: From "24 Hours Till Doomsday", "Let's Get Out Of Here" & "Seeing Double"

Location: Av Francesc Ferrer I Guardia, 13, 08038


Website: Here.

Almost the whole 12th episode of Viva S Club was shot here, specially the stadium shots where they performed 'Alive'; the scene from Seeing Double in which Hannah is running with lots of shopping bags; and the scenario used to shot the video for 'Dance' are also located here.

Entorn-Contorn Art Exhibition



Featured in: "Seeing Double"

Location: Av Francesc Ferrer I Guardia, 13, 08038


Website: Here.

The Entorn-contorn Modern Art exhibition by artist Josep Guinovart is one of the many things to see inside the buildings of Poble Espanyol. This art exhibition is the one observed by Tina at the beginning of Seeing Double.

Palau Sant Jordi



Featured in: "Seeing Double"

Location: Passeig Olímpic, 5-7, 08038


Website: Here.

Fictionally named LA’s "Fuller Center" after S Club's manager Simon Fuller, the stadium where the S Club clones were performing is in fact Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi. The radio interview and press conference at the beginning of the movie were filmed in the surrounding area.

Palace Hotel



Featured in: "Seeing Double"

Location: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 668, 08010


Website: Here.

Previously known as Barcelona's Ritz Hotel, the Palace is the five stars hotel used to film the hotel scenes at the beginning of Seeing Double. Originally the movie's director intended to film these scenes at Gaudi's famous 'Casa Battlo' but they couldn't get the necessary permits.

Barcelona Airport



Featured in: "Seeing Double"

Location: 08820 El Prat de Llobregat Airport


Website: Here.

Barcelona's airport is seen in Seeing Double twice, when they arrived to perform their tour's last concert and when they go back to Los Angeles.




Featured in: "Seeing Double"

Location: Avenida Jaume de Codorníu, s/n, 08770 Sant Sadurní d'Anoia


Website: Here.


Codorniu is the world's oldest and second-largest producer of bottle-fermented sparkling wine. The winery was founded in Barcelona and it was used by S Club for the prison scenes of Seeing Double.


Parc del Laberint d’Horta



Featured in: "Seeing Double"

Location: Passeig dels Castanyers, 1, 08035


Website: Here.


This is the labyrinth which S Club went through when looking for their clones’ residency.


La Vall Salina i la Muntanya de Sal de Cardona



Featured in: "Seeing Double"

Location: Carretera de la Mina, 08261 Cardona


Website: Here.


The Salt Mountain Cultural Park of Cardona is where the S Club clones were born in the movie; and where Victor, the evil clone master, kept the real S Club prisoners.


El Castell i la Fortalesa de Cardona



Featured in: "Seeing Double"

Location: Castell De Cardona s/n, 08261, Cardona


Website: Here.


This is Victor’s castle where the last scenes from Seeing Double were filmed, including the part when they were in the dining room and the scene where they sang “Who Do You Thing You Are” before averting the explosion.