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…Just Wow! It’s not even February and 2020 is already looking very promising. Out of the blue, Tina Barrett has just released a brand new video for her exciting new single ‘Mwah Mwah’. Her first musical release since 2013’s ‘Makin’ Me Dance’. I know all the fans are eager to know everything about this single and Tina has very kindly agreed to answer a few questions in the following interview, one of the only interviews she has made in recent years and the first one after the release of her new video, so first of all… Tina, Thank you very much for this opportunity and welcome to SClubility!

- I think the first question is obvious, the release of ‘Mwah Mwah’ has taken your fans by surprise and some of them may not know this but you performed an old version of this song some time ago, it’s been a while since your last musical release. Why did you decide to release this song in 2020?

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TINA BARRETT: Yes, I’ve finally released my single ‘Mwah Mwah’, it’s been a long time coming… why now? I say why not?! I’ve spend the last couple of years spending time with my family and also being a mum and touring the world with S Club 3, but I love songwriting and performing. It’s where my heart is, so I decided to release ‘Mwah Mwah’ and I’m loving every minute of it.


- You performed the new version of the song a few days ago at RuPauls Drag Con and you looked fabulous! How do you feel when you perform your own music in front of a live audience?

TB: I love performing live on stage, so it was a honour to be asked to debut my new single at RuPauls Drag Con, such a fun event! and I’m a fan of the show so I was thrilled to be asked to close the event… that was incredible!

- Is it true that the song was originally titled ‘Coco Chanel’? Can you tell us why did you decide to change the name of the song?

TB: Yes, the working title was Co Co Chanel. I changed it because it’s a love letter to the fashion industry and very playful, so naming it after an air kiss seemed perfect.

- After you released ‘Mwah Mwah’, the song went to number 29 in Mexico. Fans are loving your new music. Did you expect such a warm reception?

TB: I was completely blown away. I’ve been out of the public eye for so long that I wasn’t expecting anything, so for it to have charted in five countries so quickly was unbelievable. It’s really taken on a life of it’s own, I feel so blessed. Thank you to everyone who has bought it. It’s a fun song so if you’re sassy and love fashion you should check it out!

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'Mwah Mwah'

by Tina, is

OUT NOW! Buy it here.


- The stunning music video was directed by Fatty Soprano. How was working with him?

TB: Video shoots are always lots of  fun, but they can take really long days and it’s never easy, but Fatty Soprano is one of the nicest guys. He is so creative and a joy  to work with. I’d just got off a flight and I was super jet lagged but I forgot I had no sleep because it was such a fun experience. I absolutely loved it.

- When did you film the video? How long did it take to film the whole thing?

TB: We shot the video in Canada and it took a day to shoot part studio, part location, so it was very fast paced. We did a lot in a day. I’ve never shot a video so fast!

- There are different locations in this video. Can you tell us more about the different scenes?

TB: For the studio part of the video, we worked with a light over my head that created a real dark arty visual so it gave me a very mysterious look. The character I was playing was a powerful women fashionista who loves fashion. We created a twisted gothic fashion fairytale and the location shoots were all about having confidence and owning who you are… loving yourself in your own skin and sitting on your throne and being the Queen of your destiny and working it.

- I loved the scenes inside the car and that Game of Thrones’ throne looks awesome, were you a fan of the show?

I’m a huge fan of ‘Game Of Thrones’, like everyone I was obsessed so when I got a chance to use the famous iron throne I was all over it!

TB: I’m a huge fan of ‘Game Of Thrones’, like everyone I was obsessed so when I got a chance to use the famous iron throne I was all over it!

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- We know that you had previously filmed a music video for this song that never came out. Can you tell us what happened with that video?

TB: Yes, I filmed another video and… maybe, I will release it as you are not the only one asking me about it. It’s super colourful and very fashion with a cameo appearance from Hannah Spearritt.

- Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted to do? or Did you take some time to come up with the right concept?

TB: For the video shoot I put my trust in Fatty Soprano and he was the brains behind the video. Normally, with my solo projects, I would do the story board and I would get involved in editing so this was the first time I let the director take complete control.

- Of course, the video is visually stunning and really powerful, but the final message it is even more powerful because you dedicated this song to your dad. I just want to say that it is a beautiful detail. Would like to comment on that?

TB: My Dad sadly passed away last year, it was a shock and I’m dealing with it everyday. He always believed in my songwriting since I was very young, I would write poetry and show him and he loved ‘Mwah Mwah’ so I dedicated the song to him. He is always in my heart.

- Now, I would like to know more about your songs. Can you tell us a little bit more about the writing process of your music?

TB: When I write songs, I would normally write about what I’m going through at the time of writing them so I put a lot of myself in my writing. It’s usually very personal and if I’m co-writing it could go either way, really.

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'Mwah Mwah'




- There are plenty of references to the Fashion industry throughout the ‘Mwah Mwah’, Anna Wintour, Donatella, Valentino, etc, so it’s obvious that the fashion world was a big inspiration behind this song but, Why did you decide to make your own tribute to Fashion? What does the song mean to you?

TB: Mwah Mwah is a love letter to the fashion industry, I used to love reading ‘Vogue Magazine’ as a child, looking at the models and stunning photography, wishing I was as glamorous. So it’s a song about dressing up, style, confidence, loving the person you are, and expressing yourself through fashion.

- The amazing production of ‘Mwah Mwah’ was done by 80Empire. How was working with them?

TB: 80Empire, Adrian and Lucas, are producers and brothers and they are so much fun to work with. We had such a giggle writing together… We produced lots of tracks… so watch this space!

- How do you choose the people you work with?

TB: I’ve worked with a lot of different producers over the years and you can never tell how it’s going to be until you work with them. I really enjoy the creative process, it’s always fun for me going to the studio and working with new people while creating something from nothing.

- Do you think that it is important to share the same artistic vision?

TB: I think that when you are working or writing with a producer, it’s important to have a clear idea of your sound and style.

- Throughout the years, you have continued to perform and record new music, your fans have been waiting for a full solo album from you, for a very long time. I could spend hours and hours asking more questions to you, but I do not want to take more of your time. To end this interview, can we expect more new music this year? What are your plans for the future?

TB: I would love to release more music this year, so fingers crossed… you will definitely be seeing more music from me! My plans for the future include: to release more music and enjoy everyday!

- Tina, there are no words to describe how grateful and honoured I feel after this interview, I was very lucky to share a few minutes with you, last October at an S Club 3 gig, but I could have never imagined that a few months later I would have interviewed you. Thank you very much again, and good luck with your single! Come back to SClubility anytime!