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"SClubility, thank you, X" - Tina Barrett, 2012

"There's so much work behind SClubility" - Jo O'Meara, 2018

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It was about time for SClubility to have its own space to be dedicated entirely to its history. After all these years, many of you, visitors, have come and gone; I know that some of you keep coming to the site since the very beginning and others have joined the ride more recently. Either way, all of you are important to the site but not everyone knows the whole history of SClubility. You may have grasped some details from the publications at SClubility's Facebook page, you may not care, but this section is intended to bring the information to those who are interested in knowing it.

Who is behind SClubility?

As you may already now, my name is Edu, I was born in the south-east of Spain and I became a fan of S Club when I first listened to 'S Club Party'. I've always thought that it is very important to pay tribute to our past. Our past is the path that brought us here. If we don't forget where we come from, we will always stay focused, we will see how we have changed and we will learn a lot from ourselves in those changes. Or, at least that's what I think... Anyway we all remember our past in some degree, don't we? After all, we are fans of S Club, a band that split up in 2003 but that we keep worshipping.  Ohh... that sad day in April 2003, we all talk about what we were doing when we found out, there were a lot of tears. Eventually, we moved on but we haven't forgotten.

I was so young when I discovered S Club 7, 9 years old, they were the first thing that I felt I was a fan of; with them I discovered Pop music and Pop culture in general; but they also arouse my interest for different languages and for travelling, for instance. Those years when you are a child are very important because they shape your personality, in my case there's one S Club 7 lyric that has stuck with me in my head since day one and it could summarise how my mind works today, that sentence is: "don't let anybody tell you how to live your life, if it's alright" from the track number 9 in 'Sunshine'.

That's why people become fan of something, because there's a thing that marks you and consequently forms part of yourself.

The Beginning


In 2009 I was living abroad and had more free time than I would have normally had If I had stayed in Spain; and I decided that I wanted to open a website, I had been interested in launching a website for a year or so, and what better topic than S Club 7? 2009 marked the ten years anniversay since the band was created, perfect timing.

The first thing I needed was a name, If you were around in S Club golden years, you may remember the hundreds of fansites that were created; all types, in all languages with all kinds of names: 'S Club Online', 'S Club Files', 'Cool S Club', 'S Club Mexico', 'S Club In Portugal'... or who could forget 'Viva S Club' the long-lived S Club fansite that disappeared a couple of years ago; this last one had what they called the "S Club Top Sites", a poll with over 100 S Club websites struggling to get to the number one spot every day. Due to the vast variety of names that existed, or had existed by 2009, I was determined to come up with a name never used before, so I thought the best option was to make one up. Some terms used by S Club fans over the years: "SClubtastic" or "SClubtacular" came to my mind. I wanted something similar but less corny; and suddenly, somehow, SClubility came to my mind, a fusion of "S Club" and "ability", et voilà! The name was chosen.

At that time I used to help the webmaster of 'Cool S Club', writting some news for the site; I used to moderate the news section of Spanish forum 'S Club 7 En Español Community' and helped as one of the main moderators of the successful 'S Club Marathon' for a third consecutive year, the 'Marathon' collected all kind of S Club media and held the number one spot at 'Viva S Club's 'S Club Top Sites' for more than two years. 

Given my previous experience in the S Club online world, it was natural to me to create a website that would focus on bringing the latest news, among other things. When I launched SClubility on February 19 of 2009 I followed the advise of a very good Mexican girl, a friend of mine (you know who you are) that suggested me to open it on Blogger. The advise proved to be a very good one, as Blogger provided me with an easy platform to get familiarised with how websites work. Nonetheless I felt the need to relocate the site at a more sophisticated platform soon after SClubility's third year online. That relocation took a bit more than expected but it eventually happened when I rebuilded the site on Wix for the site's seventh year anniversary.

The following are some screenshots, ordered chronologically, from the different layouts that SClubility has had over the years. Prepare to take a nostalgic trip back through the history of your favourite S Club 7 fansite!

Previous layouts:


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#1 - A Decade Of Music

SClubility's original appearance.

Layout #2 - It's A Long Road



Date: February 19, 2009

Created by: Edu Bernal


There were two additional reasons why I decided to open a website about S Club 7 that I haven't mentioned before, one was my recent discovery of Photoshop at the time, the banner in the big image above was one of my first creations, I loved the adobe graphic editor and still do, the design with this kind of bubbles was inspired by S Club 7's own official website back in the day that used to feature circles and bubbles all over their designs; then, the second reason was that S Club's last standing Spanish fansite 'Cool S Club' closed for good before the opening of SClubility, this is also why SClubility was first published in Spanish; the main language of the site changed to english in 2011 for a couple of other reasons that I will be explaining later.

SClubility's original concept of the  logo.

SClubility's first and most important contribution to the S Club 7's online world was the creation of its own YouTube channel, called 'SClubility Channel'. When I created the site I knew the next thing in line was the creation of a companion channel on the popular videos portal.

YouTube was just 4 years old back then and the policies of the portal regarding copyrights weren't as strict as they are today. Anyone could upload any video, owning the rights of it or not. At the time there were lots of S Club 7 videos uploaded, but a great number of TV performances from the group and even more from Rachel Stevens were missing from YouTube. So I decided to upload all those videos that weren't online yet, so as to complete the archive of S Club videos on the internet. My main objective was  not to upload videos that were already on the portal. With time other channels would not follow this trend and many S Club videos would be not uploaded twice, but in some cases more than four times.


SClubility's next layouts were a bit disastrous, Blogger offered the possibility to change the structure and appearance of your site by updating a different "template" which I would modify notably as I got used to them, but in the very beginning it was very, very difficult for me, even nowadays my knowledge about HTML & CSS codes is still very limited, imagine back then.

SClubility would go through some different looks until the next proper layout was updated at the end of 2009, "#5 - Passions Leads Me on...". You can see how SClubility's logo looked like in layout number 3 and 4 below.

Layout #3 - It's A Feel Good Thing.

Layout #4 - Summertime Feeling


#5 - Passion Leads Me On...

Passions Leads Me On... Version 2; the Halloween Version; Version 3 & the Christmas Version.


Date: August 20, 2009

Created by: Small Potato & Edu Bernal