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Contrary to what you might think, people don't always go to coffee shops just for a drink, but to spend time with friends or to read a good book or magazine. This "coffee shop culture" is very popular in the UK and it is a fantastic way to spend your time. There are more than 10,000 coffee shops in the UK alone. Heading away from the centre of London you are never more than a five or ten minute walk to the nearest Café. They are places where you can sit for hours as you sip your coffee. People go there to relax after going shopping, or meet up just for a gossip; alternatively many people go alone. Coffee shops are great places to read in peace and entertain oneself.

Under this premise, SClubility-Café is born with the intention of bringing S Club fans an online place where you can come as If you were going to a real coffee shop, additionally this place is intended to be SClubility's best section to read if you are in fact in a real coffee shop. SClubility-Café is a section where you can read all kind of S Club-related articles, different pieces of information and see image collections or read exclusive interviews just as if you were reading a magazine. The only thing that I can't give you is a nice cup of hot coffee; but I invite you all to prepare yourself one (or ask the barman for one) and sit to explore all the different subsections of SClubility-Café below.

The inspiration behind this section comes from a web page that I really like and you all should visit. Madonna's fansite, MadonnaTribe, is probably the best place on the internet about the "Queen of Pop".

SClubility is open for suggestions or any collaboration you may like to participe with, don't doubt it twice and make contact Here. SClubility-Café is always ready to expand the amount of information updated, so check the section regularly to see what's new!

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