a decade of news

Welcome to 'A Decade of News', a very special section at SClubility-Café to celebrate the site's 10 years online! Named after the title of SClubility's very first layout of 2009, 'A Decade of Music', for this section I wanted to do something special... Like SClubility's previous sections about compilations of images such as FHM's covers or the different versions of Seeing Double, I decided that I wanted to create something along that path. Nonetheless, this time I planned to create the images myself to pay tribute to SClubility and commemorate S Club's legacy. I made seven different covers of SClubility reimagined as a magazine.


Seven different covers featuring one S Club 7 member each, all of them full of references to their music, TV series, etc. Besides, each cover is designed with a particular theme in mind, and I got the inspiration from various famous Magazines that exist in reality. I am sure the majority of you have already seen the covers on SClubility's Facebook page where I uploaded them daily, last week, to celebrate the anniversary, but this section was the main idea behind the creation of the covers and also, below, you can find the references, the source of inspiration, and other details of interest.