"7" 2000


"It's not by chance we make the perfect solution"


1. Reach

2. Natural

3. I'll Keep Waiting

4. Bring the House Down

5. Best Friend

6. All in Love is Fair

7. Love Train

8. Cross My Heart

9. The Colour of Blue

10. I'll Be There

11. Stand By You

12. Spiritual Love

13. Lately

14. Never Had a Dream Come True

*UK New Edition Tracklist

*UK Standard Original Cover

"Cross my heart and tell no lies"



Tracks 1 & 7 were produced by Andrew Todd; Track 2 by Phil Bodger; Track 3, 6 & 14 by Simon Ellis; Track 4 & 8 by Absolute; Track 5 by Tim Laws; Track 9 by Kenneth M. Lewis; Track 10 by Danny D; Track 11 & 13 by Simon Franglen; And Track 12 by Oskar Paul.



Released: 12 June 2000

Genre: Pop/R&B

Length: 36:12

Label: Polydor Records/Interscope

Photographer: Carter Smith



Tracks 1 & 7 were written by Cathy Dennis and Andrew Todd; Track 2 by Norma Ray, Jean Fredenucci, Cathy Dennis and Andrew Todd; Track 3, 6 & 14 by Cathy Dennis and Simon Ellis; Track 4 & 8 by Tracy Ackerman, Andy Watkins and Paul Wilson; Track 5 by Simon Emanuel, Bradley Mcintosh and Tim Laws; Track 9 by Lars Aass and Bottolf Lødemel; Track 10 by Cathy Dennis and Daniel Poku; Track 11 by Holger Lagerfeldt and Remee; Track 12 by Peter Akinrinlola; And Track 13 by Stevie Wonder.




The album spent 69 weeks on the UK charts.

7 sold more than one million copies in the UK alone.

It's the S Club 7 release with the most alternative album covers.

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