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BIG Tweets of the Week summary this week as I haven't done one for two weeks, whoops! So sorry about that, but I have just gathered in this entry the SClubbers' best tweets of the last three weeks! As you already know, Rachel gave birth to her new daughter, Minnie was born the same day as Hannah Spearritt and the SClubbers exchanged a couple of tweets congratulating both Hannah and Rachel. Apparently Hannah had a great birthday and since then has been busy updating pictures with fellow colleages and friends, one of the pictures is a behind the scene look at Hannah's new movie Utopia! Tina had a great start playing the Wicked Witch in "The Wizard of Oz" and is enjoying life in Liverpool. Moreover S Club 3 travelled to offer some more gigs and Bradley shared some pictures with some fans. Our summary recollects all these tweets and more, take a look at them and SClubility will be back next week with a brand new summary!

Following the arrival of their second child last week, Rachel Stevens (35) and husband Alex Bourne (36) today announced her name. Minnie Blossom Bourne was born on 1st April, weighing 7 pounds 7 oz and to celebrate the announcement of her name and them all coming home, she released this cute picture. Rachel said, "Introducing Miss Minnie Blossom Bourne. The pitter patter of (tiny) feet all 8 of them! Bursting with love xx"
Rachel Stevens (35) and husband Alex Bourne (36) this evening announced the safe arrival of their second child and sister to their daughter, Amelie (3).
The baby girl was born today, weighing 7 pounds 7 oz. The couple are yet to confirm her name.
Reporting the news on Twitter, Alex said:
Delighted to announce the safe arrival of our gorgeous little girl! @MsRachelStevens and baby both really well. The couple added:
“We’re so happy that baby has arrived safely. Within minutes of meeting her we were totally smitten. Amelie is happy and 'cited to have a little sister to play with and we can’t wait to introduce her to the whole family.”

Our project with S Club Media is now online! S Club Locations took some time to be ready, but Katey and I enjoyed so much putting all the things together! Don't wait and go to SClubility-Cafe to see our detailed list with a huge amount of places where S Club shot their filmings!
Another gif from LA7, a scene from "House Sitting". The boys were told how to behave with the Venice Beach Cafe's clients, they had to give them everything they wanted and they had to wear a smile on their faces!
This week brought @BradleyMcintosh his own blue tick on Twitter, which means that all the members from S Club 7 are now officially verified on Twitter. Poor Bradley had to struggle to get his name back, as there was a fake account using it. Last week he decided to change it and stop using @London_Cityboy, the account @verified and Hannah helped him to do it. As a result Paul celebrated it by uploading a couple of videos dedicated to his fellow SClubbers; and Hannah also informed there was a fake Instagram account of her. Moreover there have been a couple of tweets with pictures of the cast of "The Wizard Of Oz", featuring Tina; who has also announced that she is going to be performing with Jo in the near future again. Jo, who has come back from her holidays, is prepared to perform as S Club 3 with Paul and Bradley today. Finally Rachel gave us the last tweet for our today's Tweets of the Week summary, a picture of her name promoting WaterAid's ''Everyone Everywhere' campaign.
Today's gif features a scene from "Back To the 50's". S Club 7 is jumping all around the place trying to go back to their era. Shortly after the town's sheriff asked them some questions and Hannah is the one who explained that they were looking for a "wormhole in the time space continum". Funny, that she was the one explaining, she could have just said they were looking for an anomaly (#Primeval)! lol
Here is SClubility's new Tweets the Week summary, and it looks like it's all about pictures this week. The band have shared some interesting images that I have just recollected here for all of you to see. First, let's start by saying that Jo and Tina had a great time DJ'ing together the other day. Apparently the crowd went mad and the girls took some time to take pictures with the fans, as promised. 
Jo has gone on holiday to rest a couple of days with her friend Cindy (Sure you know who she is) and so has Jon, who after finishing his period with Jersey Boys, hasn't tweeted much. He might be taking a well deserved break from work. 
The other members from S Club 7 are the ones sharing all the recent gossip... From Tina uploading a selfie doing a clothe clear out to Rachel's revelation about a new career move (not a real one though). There is, in fact, another SClubbler who has revealed even more, Paul retweeted a picture of him, from some years ago, showing his bum!
Apart from that, Rachel included the S Club boys in her #FollowFriday tweet; Bradley retweeted one of her sister's tweets, which included a picture of her with S Club 7, back in the day; Tina shared a newspaper review about her new Panto; and Hannah shared a picture from 2008 with the other stars from Primeval.

As you should have already noticed. Seven days ago, SClubility used for the very first time its new logo! I just wanted to create a new entry to make sure you all realize it. This new one is my favourite so far; and I hope you all like it as much as I do. It is featured on all our accounts around the net, from SClubilityChannel to our different profiles in our social networks. Don't forget to check them out to see how the logo looks and join them if you haven't already! Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter and come back soon, as our special project with is coming very soon!
The gif of this week features Bradley again! This scene is from Viva S Club's episode, "Of Mice and Music", which takes its title from the John Steinbeck novel, "Of Mice and Men". Great episode!
Tina and Jo are doing an special DJ set tonight as special guests at AlphaBeats' party in Carterbury. They are going spend one hour or so playing their hits and then they are going to spend some quality time with the audience, signing autographs and taking pictures. More information available at the event's Facebook Page. The price is just £3 before 10.30pm and £5 thereafter; but you can get in for free if your first or last name begins with the letter 'S' and you arrive before 11pm!

Yes readers, it's that time again. The world’s biggest and best poll on female beauty. Three billion women on the planet, and there can only be one winner. And it's all down to you. The S Club Girls are no strangers for FHM readers, being Rachel the one with most appearances on the list since 2000. To vote for her, Hannah, Tina and Jo click here. Voting closes April 11, 2014.
Greatest Tweets of the Week summary ever, as the SClubbers have used Twitter more these seven days than in the last couple of weeks. Last week was a soft one, but today's summary recollects a total of 17 tweets that you will surely find really interesting. Hannah fired the starting shot by writting a new tweet to arrange a new S Club meeting. Apparently they couldn't carry out their meeting in January and March looks like the perfect time now with Tina, Jon and Jo tweeting positively about the plan. Besides the SClubbers have been constantly in contact this week. Some days ago took place the Women's Day and Tina rushed to congratulate the other S Club girls. Also on Friday Rachel included Jo, Tina and Hannah in her #FollowFriday tweet; and the girls tweeted each other and pointed out Rachel's new arrival, #SClubBambini, is due soon. At the beginning of the week Jo's beautiful dog, Russia, passed away and Jo wrote some beautiful words about it and uploaded a cute picture of Russia and Lenny; concurrently, Paul has been dedicating autographs for some fans and I was lucky enough to get my own one, =); Jon Lee finished his period performing as Jersey Boys' Frankie and tweeted a link to his facebook account where he wrote a paragraph expressing his gratitude for these wonderful years. Moreover the SClubbers clarified Milkshake's confusion regarding their booked gig with S Club 3. Promotional posters dropped the number 3 and the picture of the whole group just helped causing rumours about the whole band reuniting. Finally Hannah uploaded today a picture of her with a little S Club 7 tribute that she found.

S Club 7 star, Tina Barrett, is starring as the Wicked Witch in "The Wizard Of Oz" from April 5th to April 20th in Blackpool and also the 22th and 23th April at Rhyl Pavilion Theatre. 
Tina Barrett, who topped the charts with hits like Reach and Don’t Stop Movin’, will swap microphone for panto outfit when she plays the Wicked Witch of the West in North Pier’s production of The Wizard of Oz.
Barrett is a well known figure to millions, after becoming one of the biggest names in pop music during the late 90s. Formed by Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, S Club 7 sold more than 17 millions albums, won two Brit awards and made a movie.
Kevin Brown, producer of the panto, said: “Tina trained at the London Arts Educational School for eight years so she has an amazing vocal talent and performance skills. She will bring the Wicked Witch of the West to life on stage and will be a lovely villain to boo and hiss as she tries to get the red shoes from Dorothy.”
There are performances of the panto at 2pm throughout the Easter school holidays.
Tickets are £10 but there are special offers for families. For further details go to or call 01253 623304.
Tina has joined S Club 3 and now there are officialy 4 S Club members bringing it all back! There have been rumours lately that this could be happening. In recent interviews, Tina confirmed that she was invited to join them in the past and it seems that is finally happening. S Club 4 is hosting an old school Hawaiian party at the Watering Hole bar in Perranporth on the 29th and 30th July. You can buy your tickets here (£12 ).

S Club members get together for Cornish Gig. S Club 4 are the latest act to be added to the 2014 line-up at the Watering Hole, Perranporth. S Club have reunited as a quartet with lead singers Jo Omeara, Bradley Mcintosh, Paul Cattermole and Tina Barrett. With four No. 1 singles, top five albums, and some serious pop anthems, S Club are without doubt one of the biggest pop acts of recent times.
Our new gif for this week couldn't be uploaded yesterday, but here it is now! This is a scene from Miami 7 where S Club's chevy broke down and Rachel thinks someone was shooting them! Aw, sweet memories...
Babies R Us UK asked singer and mother Rachel Stevens for her best pregnancy and parenting tips... Here's her third one:
Tip 3: Creating a star chart for good behaviour. "Something I've found that works amazingly with Amelie and what we've been doing recently is a star chart rewarding her for good behaviour. We designed the chart together so she felt really involved in making it and made it an exciting project. Giving out gold stars for really good behaviour actually works!"

Today's gif arrives a little late, but here it is. The best way to end the day. This gif features Viva S Club's scene where Bradley announced he had just completed his collection of 25 donkeys! Amusing.

@Stefaniefaleo from The Vault interviewed Jon Lee about how was life in the S Club 7; taking over the West End stage; his future after leaving "Jersey Boys" this March; his new solo album, "Fallen Angel" and the question we have all been asking for years... when will S Club make a comeback?
Babies R Us Uk asked singer and mother Rachel Stevens for her best pregnancy and parenting tips. Here is Rachel second advice. To Read Tip 1 click here.

Tip 2: Get out and meet other mums!

"Something that was really great for me was joining a baby music group when Amelie was a baby. I think it's really important to get out and meet other mums and there are plenty of baby groups out there. I got so many tips and great advice from the girls I met.
Also, in those very early days try your best to sleep when baby is asleep as sleep will never be the same again! No more lie ins!"

Which groups would you join?
Lots of interesting tweets this week at our Tweets of the Week new summary. From pictures to facts, the SClubbers have gained our attention through posting so many different things. As you all know by now, SClubility turned five years old this Wednesday, the site presented its 19th layout and we made noise about it on Twitter, and Tina was so kind to retweet it. When asked about a new release, Tina answered that at the end of the year a third single will be on sale! But she hasn't been the only SClubber answering fans' questions, when asked what he has been up to these days, Paul answered that he has been mainly song-writing; Bradley who started following SClubility this week, retweeted some of our pictures and also an announcement of his appearance at Carver St. for St. Patricks Day Block Party; moreover The Vault aired their interview with Jon on Tuesday; The Brits 2014 took place the next day and Rachel shared an S Club 7 picture with their first Brit Award for "Best British Breakthrough Act"; Jo, who commented her excitement about The Brits too, shared how happy she was with life on Thursday (great to read); and last but not least Hannah urged Twitter to verify Bradley and Paul and shared some funny and inspirational pictures.

Babies R Us UK asked singer and mother Rachel Stevens for her best pregnancy and parenting tips...

Tip 1: Buy yourself a large bouncy exercise ball!

"A great tip I got from my personal trainer when I was pregnant with Amelie was the importance of doi
ng your pelvic floor exercises - it's really good for your posture and strengthening everything pre-baby. It's easy to fit into your day, you can do it any time even sitting in front of the TV. I couldn't have been without it in early stages of really helped with the contractions!"

How many of you would agree with Rachel on this one?