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With all the recent and obvious buzz generated after S Club 7's amazing announcement, I forgot to create an entry to let you know (Sure you already know by now...) that S Club 7's official website is up and running again! As I previously reported, 19 Management renewed the domain '' at the beginning of this month. Now their official website is located under ''. We would have liked more the other domain they used to use,, but apparently is too expensive now, according to 'DomainPower' is worth $57,500... Anyway, the official site displays the logo with some glints going on and a button to all of their newly official social accounts.

I am beyond excitement, it's been 24 hours filled with madness, nostalgia and so much emotions. And it seems that the whole world feels the same. Yesterday the group was Trending Topic on Twitter for over 8 hours with more than 26.8K tweets. Viva!


The band reunites for an exclusive performance on Appeal Night 2014

One of the most hotly anticipated reunions of the last decade is finally confirmed as S Club 7 announce that they are to reunite and perform together again for the first time since 2003 on the BBC Children in Need Appeal show on Friday 14 November 2014.
Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O'Meara, Rachel Stevens, and Hannah Spearritt will perform a medley of their greatest hits live on the show for a UK TV audience of millions.

It will be a fitting return to BBC Children in Need for the S Clubbers. Their single Never Had a Dream Come True reached No.1 in the UK in 2000 as the official charity single for BBC Children in Need, as well as becoming their first top 10 hit in the States.
A year later S Club 7 released Have You Ever, their second chart-topping single for BBC Children in Need. It was one of 11 hit singles, four million selling albums, an internationally successful TV show, feature film and many awards won by the band during their five years together.
The group was formed in 1998 and quickly rose to fame by starring in their own television series that sold to over 100 territories around the world. The Brit Award winners numerous hits include Bring It All Back, S Club Party and Don't Stop Movin'.

S Club 7 say: “We’re massive fans of BBC Children in Need and it was great to be able to support the charity all those years ago. We’re really looking forward to bringing it all back for Pudsey, for BBC Children In Need and for all our fans who have been so great over the years. This is going to be the mega S Club party of all time!”
Thanks so much to Dale Frost-Massey and for the find. As you can see 19 Management (S Club 7's home from 1998-2003) re-registered one of their domains just ten days ago. Adrenaline is gradually raising.

We have been researching a little bit, and the studio in which S Club 7 was spotted recently is called "Studio 68 London" and is located in Soutwark. It is an "Artist Media Centre in Central London, created for Dancers, Artists, Photographers, Media and much more". Here you can follow them on twitter and you can visit their webpage by clicking in the following link:
Something very exciting is happening in the S Club 7 camp – the guys have been at the centre of reunion speculation for months now but yesterday an official Twitter account was given a blue tick as it was verified by bosses of the site.
So what could this possibly mean? Well, it means it's all becoming VERY REAL and those little (well, they’re not so little anymore) popstrels are definitely up to something. And it seems we may now know when they’re going to be back in our lives.
The band – Jon Lee, Jo O’Meara, Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole, Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt and Tina Barrett – are planning to launch themselves back into the public eye with an epic performance on the BBC’s Children In Need in November.
A source told The Sun: “The reunion is definitely on but everyone involved wants a massive launchpad, which is why Children In Need would be perfect. It could still all fall through because there are the diaries of seven people to work around, but it’s looking positive.The idea is for them to perform a greatest hits medley, including S Club Party and Reach. If the reaction is good a tour will be announced."
The reaction is totes going to be GREAT, guys! PLEASE transport us back to our childhoods!
S Club 7 are reportedly set to appear on Children In Need.
Buzz around the group’s supposed reunion has been getting louder recently, especially after the appearance of their official Twitter account.
S Club creator Simon Fuller apparently called the members in for talks at his XIX company in London to talk about a CiN launch, according to The Sun.
The meeting must have gone well, as they are said to have hit Balans in Soho for cocktails after. A source said to The Sun:"The reunion is definitely on but everyone involved wants a massive launchpad, which is why Children In Need would be perfect. It could still all fall through because there are the diaries of seven people to work around, but it’s looking positive"
‘The idea is for them to perform a greatest hits medley, including S Club Party and Reach.’
What have just happened? S Club 7 have their own verified account on Twitter and Hannah, Tina, Jo and Bradley are following it... The account was created hours ago and is already verified. The SClubbers haven't tweeted or said anything since then. Is something coming? keep checking 'cuz SClubility is BACK and maybe not only us...

Click Here to follow them!

It’s 15 years since seven bright young things brought a little sunshine into our lives with their first ever hit, beating the mighty Madonna to Number 1.

If you want to beat anybody to the top spot when you’re a brand new artist, it might as well be one of the biggest stars in the world. And fifteen years ago this week, S Club 7 got a pretty impressive start to their career when they trounced all the competition to take debut single Bring It All Back to Number 1, leaving Madonna in the shade.
Formed by Spice Girls impresario and future Pop Idol creator Simon Fuller, S Club 7 were – yes, you’ve guessed it – seven shiny happy young stars sending out positive vibes and capturing the imaginations of young pop fans.
The group, made up of Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt, Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Bradley McIntosh and Jon Lee, launched a double assault on the media. Not only were they wannabe popstars, they had a TV show of their very own too. Add that to some accessible dance moves, a catchy singalong chorus and their path to Number 1 was super-smooth. The dancing in the video is brilliant, too.
In its first week on sale, Bring It All Back shifted an impressive 190,000 copies. Their nearest rival, Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger – which had the added helper of being on the soundtrack to the second Austin Powers movie – still sold 135,000 that week. But glory belonged to the S Clubbers.
Since its release, Bring It All Back has sold over 660,000 copies and is S Club’s second bestselling single – 2001’s Don’t Stop Movin’ is first, with over 790,000 copies sold.
Bring It All Back was the first of 11 consecutive Top 10 hits for the band, including four Number 1s – Never Had A Dream Come True (2000), Don’t Stop Movin’ and Have You Ever (both 2001) were their other chart-toppers.
Seven became six in 2002 when Paul Cattermole decided it was time to move on. The band carried on for another album, and their first feature film, as S Club before calling it a day in 2003.
Rachel Stevens went on to score some chart success of her very own, managing seven Top 40 hits. Jo O’Meara also had a solo Top 40 hit, 2005’s What Hurts The Most.
There have been rumours of a full reunion for many years, with various members performing together in different combinations, but as yet, the band have yet to make a total return.

To read full article go to
Our Tweets of the Week summary is back, SClubbers! After a very hectic month, SClubility is back to its usual activity and you can now expect all of our weekly entries to be updated normally. And for now, here you have a brand new summary of the best Tweets from the members of S Club 7. It has been the week of Rachel Stevens everywhere as she finally crowned herself as the number one in FHM's most important poll to date, the ultimate list of the most Sexiest Women of All-Time. Rachel expressed how delighted she felt about her triumph and Tina, Hannah and Jon retweeted it and congratulated Rachel. In other news Bradley commented Justin Bieber's controversial joke and wrote about having a good time in his studio; Jo proclaimmed that any Facebook account pretending to be her was fake; and the most bizarre anecdote this week was Paul's intention to open up a nude car wash with a pair of friends.

Hannah Spearritt is currently at Belfast's Comic Con and she has been retweeting a lot of pictures from her with the fans. Hannah looks gorgeous and it seems she is having a great time, she even posed with an VHS of Miami7.

Twenty years. Over 2,000 entrants. Millions of votes. But there could only ever be one winner. One woman who would rise above the rest like a glorious, sexy phoenix to be crowned the hottest woman in FHM 100 Sexiest's 20-year history. And that woman is... Rachel Stevens. The former S Club 7 starlet and pin-up legend has fought off the likes of 100 Sexiest double-winners Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole for the number one spot, without even topping the list before. That being said, she's been in the list 11 times, appeared on 8 FHM covers and has been the 100 Sexiest runner-up not once, not twice but thrice! And having a legitimate excuse to use the word 'thrice' in a sentence is already exciting enough... And what did Rachel have to say about her big win?  
"To win this award feels absolutely amazing. I've worked with FHM for the past decade and a half. I feel such a strong bond to the magazine and it's so flattering to think that people think of me that way. It's brilliant."
BIG Tweets of the Week summary this week as I haven't done one for two weeks, whoops! So sorry about that, but I have just gathered in this entry the SClubbers' best tweets of the last three weeks! As you already know, Rachel gave birth to her new daughter, Minnie was born the same day as Hannah Spearritt and the SClubbers exchanged a couple of tweets congratulating both Hannah and Rachel. Apparently Hannah had a great birthday and since then has been busy updating pictures with fellow colleages and friends, one of the pictures is a behind the scene look at Hannah's new movie Utopia! Tina had a great start playing the Wicked Witch in "The Wizard of Oz" and is enjoying life in Liverpool. Moreover S Club 3 travelled to offer some more gigs and Bradley shared some pictures with some fans. Our summary recollects all these tweets and more, take a look at them and SClubility will be back next week with a brand new summary!

Following the arrival of their second child last week, Rachel Stevens (35) and husband Alex Bourne (36) today announced her name. Minnie Blossom Bourne was born on 1st April, weighing 7 pounds 7 oz and to celebrate the announcement of her name and them all coming home, she released this cute picture. Rachel said, "Introducing Miss Minnie Blossom Bourne. The pitter patter of (tiny) feet all 8 of them! Bursting with love xx"
Rachel Stevens (35) and husband Alex Bourne (36) this evening announced the safe arrival of their second child and sister to their daughter, Amelie (3).
The baby girl was born today, weighing 7 pounds 7 oz. The couple are yet to confirm her name.
Reporting the news on Twitter, Alex said:
Delighted to announce the safe arrival of our gorgeous little girl! @MsRachelStevens and baby both really well. The couple added:
“We’re so happy that baby has arrived safely. Within minutes of meeting her we were totally smitten. Amelie is happy and 'cited to have a little sister to play with and we can’t wait to introduce her to the whole family.”

Our project with S Club Media is now online! S Club Locations took some time to be ready, but Katey and I enjoyed so much putting all the things together! Don't wait and go to SClubility-Cafe to see our detailed list with a huge amount of places where S Club shot their filmings!
Another gif from LA7, a scene from "House Sitting". The boys were told how to behave with the Venice Beach Cafe's clients, they had to give them everything they wanted and they had to wear a smile on their faces!
This week brought @BradleyMcintosh his own blue tick on Twitter, which means that all the members from S Club 7 are now officially verified on Twitter. Poor Bradley had to struggle to get his name back, as there was a fake account using it. Last week he decided to change it and stop using @London_Cityboy, the account @verified and Hannah helped him to do it. As a result Paul celebrated it by uploading a couple of videos dedicated to his fellow SClubbers; and Hannah also informed there was a fake Instagram account of her. Moreover there have been a couple of tweets with pictures of the cast of "The Wizard Of Oz", featuring Tina; who has also announced that she is going to be performing with Jo in the near future again. Jo, who has come back from her holidays, is prepared to perform as S Club 3 with Paul and Bradley today. Finally Rachel gave us the last tweet for our today's Tweets of the Week summary, a picture of her name promoting WaterAid's ''Everyone Everywhere' campaign.
Today's gif features a scene from "Back To the 50's". S Club 7 is jumping all around the place trying to go back to their era. Shortly after the town's sheriff asked them some questions and Hannah is the one who explained that they were looking for a "wormhole in the time space continum". Funny, that she was the one explaining, she could have just said they were looking for an anomaly (#Primeval)! lol