Sad day for SClubility everyone! After six successful years in YouTube, our official account, SClubilityChannel has been recently cancelled. It was launched in 2009 and since then it achieved more than 700 subscribers and over 1 million video views. When SClubility was born it seemed like the perfect complement, its premise was to fill YouTube with all the videos about S Club 7 that wasn't already uploaded on the platform and it was also a great way to make the people know about the site and reach new followers every day. Sadly its more than 60 videos were the reason why it got cancelled... A new account will be created again but whether or not the same videos will be uploaded is yet to be seen.

SClubilityChannel - Keeping S Club Alive... 1999 - 2015

As you may already know, Tina Barrett made an interview to the British TV Show 'The Wright Stuff' where she talked about S Club 7 and their reunion tour. When asked about whether S Club 7 is back for good Tina answered that they are "going to get together and have a little discussion about it", the reason behind this meeting is because of the great success that 'Bring It All Back 2015' achieved in May. You can watch the whole interview below:

More recently, Rachel Stevens who took a very deserved family vacation to Portugal was interviewed for the lattest number of Hello Magazine and was also asked about S Club 7 reforming again. Rachel answered: "At the moment we don't know but let's wait a few months to discuss everything".

The return to the stage has given Rachel the taste for more admitting that she'd "love to do more dancing". She also confessed: "I'm also toying with the idea of going back into the studio and seeing what happens with that"

As you can see, SClubility looks very fresh and different than yesterday. The layout number 22 was originally planned to be online tomorrow (As I told you this morning on Facebook...) But then I realized that it was today when I wanted to do it! Silly me. Anyway, the thing is that SClubility will look like this for the rest of the summer. I decided to entitle this layout '2003', simply because of all the similarities between 2015 and 2003 regarding S Club 7. The group toured "for the last time" and released a Greatest Hits in 2003 as they have done so this year aswell! Not to mention Hannah and Paul were together back then and they are together again this year. Definitely 2015 is the new 2003, lol. At least it feels like that year again...

I hope you all like this new design and find it dynamic. Don't forget to click on the logo to the right at the top of the web to visit all our different pages. And stay tuned because I will be updating the site with all the latest news from these past weeks.

The Mirror: Jo, Bradley and Tina can now also be hired for weddings, should you want to Reach For The Stars.
S Club 3 – doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it? But that’s what fans were treated to at a performance by the Nineties pop group the other night. While the likes of Kanye West and Taylor Swift were singing in front of hundreds of thousands of people at Glasto and British Summer Time, the three remaining members of S Club 7 rocked out in an aircraft hangar in Coventry

Jo O’Meara, 36, Bradley McIntosh, 33, and Tina Barrett, 38, are sticking together till the end, but it seems the rest of the band – Rachel Sevens, Hannah Spearritt, Paul Cattermole and Jon Lee didn’t get the memo – or were busy washing their hair.

The threesome were performing at the Coventry Open Air Concert and joined the bill with the likes of fellow band of years gone by, Five, Rough Copy and BGT finalists Old Men Grooving.

It is also possible to book S Club 3 for weddings and corporate parties. According to the website that manages their events, they are available for 45 minute live sets of their greatest hits. Bradley and Paul can also be booked for exclusive DJ sets.

All members of S Club 7, who originally split in 2003, completed a seold-out reunion tour earlier this year but now it is down to just three.