Today, Hannah is recording her special in the streets of Brighton for VintageTV asking people their favourite songs.

Terrifying new horror TV series, GoryTime created by Champion Underdog Films and featuring Hannah Spearritt is a collection of short horror stories 'told' by a group of friends. This week they unveiled a new still from the pilot episode where we can see Hannah's character taking a selfie. They have announced that the series are coming soon, stay tuned!


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May 21, 2016






This time last year was the day when S Club 7 started their much anticipated Reunion Tour around the United Kingdom. I decided to put a new layout up in the site to commemorate it. I know the last didn't last too long but I am so happy with this new look and I hope you all like it as much as I do. Last year I had my chance to see S Club 7 for the very first time, that is why this month is going to bring so many memories for many of us. Skin is our 24th design and features the pictures from the photoshoot S Club 7 did for 'Bring It All Back 2015' and the new edition of their Greatest Hits, BEST which is also 1 year old this month.


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May 07, 2016




Here at SClubility I've just had the great pleasure of interviewing Paul Louis, you remember him as Marvin from S Club 7's first series Miami 7. Upon the recent opening of the Miami 7 page on Facebook by Paul and Alfie Wise (Howard) themselves, I decided to interview Paul and bring more attention to their page, which you can follow by clicking here: Miami 7 - the iconic S Club 7 series.

He kindly accepted and I couldn't be more happy and grateful. I have uploaded the interview as an special section in SClubility-Cafe. It's really worth reading!

Click HERE to read the interview.

Hannah Spearritt has recorded an special appearance speaking about her favourite music for Vintage TV. Hannah's Mixtape will be is coming soon to the channel. Vintage TV is available on Sky 369, Freeview 242, Virgin 343 and Freesat 505. Watch a little sneak peak below:


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April 28, 2016

Tina Barrett has revealed she was concerned about being pregnant in her late 30s. The former S Club singer, 39, recently revealed that she and partner Paul Cashmore were expecting their first child – and so far she is enjoying her pregnancy despite initially ‘preparing for the worst’.

She told the MailOnline: “It’s amazing. I’m loving every minute of it. I’ve been prepared for the worst because you hear stories, but it’s been really good. I feel very lucky."

She continued: “People do say when you’re late 30s, 40s that is it more difficult and you could have complications. That was always in the back of my head when we decided to try for a baby."

“Luckily we conceived naturally and it’s been absolutely fine. Had we not, it would have been really tough. Things have changed so much because so many women are having babies older now. I think I would have looked into IVF if we had experienced difficulties.”

The pretty brunette went on to reveal that her former bandmates – Jo O’Meara , Rachel Stevens and Hannah Spearitt – were delighted about the news. She sayd that Jo burst into tears when she saw her and both she and Rachel, who are mothers, have been offering advice about her birthing plan.


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April 26, 2016




Former S Club 7 pop star Hannah Spearritt, 34, turned to acting when the group split up in 2003. She has played the lead role in ITV series Primeval and is now one of the cast of BBC hospital drama Casualty. She lives in Richmond.

How did your childhood influence your work ethic and attitude to money?
I did get pocket money from my parents when I was little, but my mum encouraged me to save it up so that by Christmas I would be able to use it. I started earning money quite young. There was nothing really at school to teach you about money. I think I would have appreciated it if there was. My dad is really good at guiding me, but it would have been nice to have had that as well.

What was your first job and how much were you paid?
My first job was playing Louella in Bugsy Malone in the West End. I was 16 and earning £250 a week and my rent in London was £50 per week, so I just lived on what was left. I never went mad with that money though. I was living in London. I didn’t really think about money at the time.

What has been your best paying job?
I’ve been so lucky. I think it’s probably S Club 7 or Primeval. I got about £600,000 from S Club 7 over four years. It was a lot of money, I didn’t really realise.

What did you spend the money on?
I used it to buy my first ever house with Paul [Catermole, ex-boyfriend and former bandmate]. It was a mews house in Crouch End with three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, lounge and toilet downstairs. It was nice. We paid £375,000 and then sold it for about £475,000 after three years. I didn’t realise how lucky I was then to be able to buy the house outright. I really appreciate it now. After that, we bought a place on a whim in Brighton. We popped on the internet, found it, went down there to view it and then paid £280,000 for a basement flat. When we went to see it, the guy who lived there had the coffee machine going and it smelt all lovely. It wasn’t until after we moved in that we realised it had a damp problem. We had a few parties down there but we didn’t want to spend the money fixing up the damp problem.

How much do you earn in royalties each year?
Things pop through all the time in terms of DVD sales from Primeval or royalties from S Club 7. You might get 57p or a couple of thousand. It really depends. You can’t rely on it, but it’s a bonus when it does come in.

You started earning when you were very young. How has your attitude towards money changed?
I used to spend a lot. I appreciate money now and I look after it a lot better than I used to.

Have you ever worried about money?
There have been times when things have gone in that direction. It isn’t a nice feeling. I’m OK as long as I know I can pay my bills and have a little bit of money on top to enjoy myself. To go to the theatre and stuff – that’s all I need. Anything above that is a bonus. That’s what I need to do to keep my stress levels down. I’m a lot better about money now because I never know when my next job is coming from. I’ve learnt to slow down. I enjoy going to charity shops and vintage shops now and seeking out odd things that not everyone has got. I used to buy more expensive stuff and wear it once and then it would be hanging in a wardrobe and I wouldn’t be able to sell it.

Are you a spender or a saver?
I’m more of a spender than a saver. I’ve just been through a massive declutter of my wardrobe and there were so many awful things. I’m still learning how to dress. My taste in the past was really bad. But it’s really good quality, expensive stuff that’s kept well. I’ve got a neighbour around the corner and she’s got a shop in St Margaret’s. She’ll take it on and then we’ll split the difference. I do a bag for her and a bag for charity. I now only buy something if I really love it. I love clothes and I love fashion. 

Do you own your own home now? 
Yes, my house in Richmond. I bought it in 2008 for £665,000 and it’s now worth £1.1m. It’s a terrace, three floors and I got the attic converted recently.

What are your greatest extravagances?
I like spending my money on experiences and shows and going away on holiday. Although it’s hard to get time to go away, so it’s mostly long weekends. 

What has been your best financial decision? I would say buying the house I’m in now. I’d lived in the area for four years, renting while doing Primeval, and I got to know the area really well. It gave me the confidence to buy. Me and Andrew [Potts, her ex-boyfriend, an actor and director] bought it together and we were both working in the south-west of London. When you get to know the area you end up falling in love with it. Every time I think about moving I don’t think anywhere else could come close.

And your worst?
Moving to Brighton, because I moved myself away from work. I spent a lot of money on travel and tended not to go into London as much. It was an impulse thing moving there and it wasn’t the right decision. It wasn’t that bad financially – percentage wise it worked out OK.

Have you ever been ripped off?
The only time I’ve had that feeling was when my friend and I were little and we were 12 or 13 and we went up to London. You know in Oxford Circus you get the guys selling the perfume on the street? We bought one of those, opened it up and realised it wasn’t anything like what was on the packaging. We felt so sad and taken advantage of. I really remember that, even though it was only a little thing. I think I’m savvy, hopefully. Or maybe I’ve been ripped off and just haven’t noticed yet.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt about money?
To know that it won’t always be there and it goes quickly, especially when you have lots of outgoings. Even though there might be a few grand in the bank you have to think at least six months ahead, put your money away for tax and that kind of stuff.

Does money make you happy?
I think it makes me happy when I know I can easily pay my bills with a little bit on top. Anything above that I don’t crave and wouldn’t make me any happier. Below that, if I’m worried about bills then I do feel unhappy. I start to get anxious and worry. I like to pay my bills and not have to worry about going out for a meal or to the theatre.

Are you a generous tipper?
I am if they deserve it. If someone doesn’t deserve it I won’t tip, but they have to be really bad.

Have you got any savings for retirement?
I do. It was one thing that my dad guided me very well on, a pension. Thanks dad, because I wouldn’t have known that was the right thing to do at the time when I had the money. I did it at the same time I got the S Club 7 money, so that’s good. I was 21. I get that money when I’m 55.


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April 25, 2016 catched up with Hannah Spearritt from S Club 7 fame to find out what her drag name is, why her character on Casualty is actually a dirty minx and why she’d be up for a 20th anniversary of S Club 7 – when the time comes.

JH: We note that your character’s name in Casualty is Mercedes Christie, which is so camp and quite porny. So what are you bringing to the character worthy of a name Mercedes? 
HS: Do you think it’s quite a porn name?

JH: Yeah, because it’s got the sexiness of Mercedes, a sexy car, and then Christie at the end which is kinda like, (adopting porny voice) “oh hi, Christie here”.
HS: You know what, even though she wears quite down and out clothes, underneath it all she’s got porn underwear on and crotchless panties. (Laughs)

JH: She’s one of those is she? 
HS: She’s a complete slut.

JH: Out of curiosity what is your porn name? 
HS: Oh, what’s the formula again?

JH: Your first pet and your mother’s maiden name. 
HS: This is not sexy. It’s Barry Bain. (laughter) That really isn’t good. That has to be the most un-sexual name in the world.

JH: Well do you want to know what your drag name is? 
HS: Ok, what’s that.

JH: Well we use a website. so your first name is Hannah so I’ll type that in. And the name of your first pet was Barry? 
HS: Yeah, Barry the Hamster… (laughter)

JH: Ok now you have to pick you’re favourite song from this set list… 
HS: Vogue.

JH: Ok, processing… Your drag name is… Rosemary Hull. 
HS: Oh I love it.

JH: And you’re famous for Sickening Fashion. 
HS: Brilliant. Can I do one more? What was the list of songs again?

JH: Ok, Hannah, Barry and which song? 
HS: Raining Men…

JH: Good choice. Ok, processing… Ooh, Flossy Glitz. 
HS: Oh I love it. I could definitely work that.

JH: Apparently you’re famous for death drops and high kicks. 
HS: Oh I love it. That’s the one. I love drag.

JH: So drag is: A) The greatest thing since sliced bread. B) Creepy, wrong and slightly evil. C) A chance to see how a dress should be worn. 
HS: Ooh it’s a choice between A and C. I’ll go for A.

JH: Would you like to be a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race? 
HS: Oh, I’ve not seen this what is this? Is it a television program?

HS: Oh my God where have I been?

JH: It’s on television. You’ve got a television right? 
HS: I’ve obviously been out too much and not watching this programme.

JH: Monday nights. Tru TV. I don’t know what channel that is.
HS: Ok I’ll look for it. I literally have every channel going but I’ve not come across it. I do apologise. I’m sure I’d be an avid fan if I was.

JH: Moving on. At the moment there is this thing going on with the Spice girls reuniting for their 20th year. In a couple of years it’s going to be 20 years of S Club 7. Would you be up for a reunion of that kinda scale? 
HS: Is it really going to be 20 years? I think it would be lovely to do something to mark that but I had no idea it had been that long. I’m sure you’re right. Yeah, we got together around 1999. That’s crazy. So yes, it would be awesome to mark that 20th somehow.

JH: You’d need to learn all those dance moves again. 
HS: I know.

JH: I could come and teach you. 
HS: Are you a choreographer?

JH: No but I know the dance moves. 
HS: I bet you do. I bet you know them more than I do.

JH: Who would win in a ‘fight club’ band off. Steps, B*Witched or S Club 7?
HS: Oh, S Club 7 – because there’s 7 of us. And we’ve got boys. We’d totally win.

JH: You could tag team. 
HS: Exactly we could take rests. We could have three fighting while we take rests.

JH: But I hear the one’s from B*Witched they fight like their dad. 
HS: They fight like their dad?

JH: Yeah. They fight like their dad… It’s in their lyrics! 
HS: Oh it’s in the lyrics. Oh I’m sorry. (laughter)

JH: Do you know what Amyl Nitrates is? 
HS: It sounds like a chemical.

JH: It’s poppers. Have you heard of poppers before? 
HS: (shyly) Yeah. (laughs) Oh dear. It’s been years since I’ve seen those. (laughs)

JH: Your days in the G-A-Y bar are all coming back now. 
HS: Yeah. My God that has taken me back.

JH: Do you know what space docking is? 
HS: I don’t but I’m thinking about it…

JH: Only guys can do it… 
HS: Do you need a penis to do it?

JH: Yes. 
HS: Do you share willie shots by webcam?

JH: No, but good guess. It’s where you get each others foreskins and place it over each others willies. 
HS: (laughter) And then what happens?

JH: We don’t know. I think it’s just a one time thing. 
HS: That’s brilliant. (laughs)

JH: What should Madonna do next? 
HS: God. What can she do next? That’s the question. She’s done everything. Go and get a nice cuppa tea (laughs) put a onesie on, do a bit of space docking and watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race. And, film herself doing it and stick it on that stupid programme where they film people watching TV. What’s it called? Google… Goggle Box?

JH: What is the best way to deal with a broken heart! A) A big bottle of red, Celine Dion CDs and ice cream. B) Scissors to all his trousers, undies and ties. C) Put everything in a box to the left. 
HS: Erm C. And then, if anything was left, burn it. Go outside get the bbq out and burn it.

JH: Have you ever done that to an ex’s stuff? 
HS: I’ve done little things before, but more spiritual. When I want to let go of something then I would burn that one piece that reminds me of that particular person or feeling and burn it to kinda release… I sound so weird now. To say goodbye to it but not in an angry way but in a releasing thing from me.

JH: Complete this sentence. Champagne is.. 
HS: I was gonna say better than sex, but it’s not. Champagne is great for breakfast.

JH: What’s more enjoyable your pop career, your soap career or your musical theatre career? 
HS: You’re gonna think I’m sitting on the fence on this one but they’ve all been good in different ways. For me it’s been about timing. S Club wouldn’t work for me now, yet it worked for me then. It really worked for that part of my life when I was 16, when I was happy to run around a stage and smile all the time. I don’t want to smile all the time anymore (laughs). If I’ve got something to say I’ll say it, but back then it was, “no, happy all the time, come on”. I would have to say, from my current point, the acting side because that’s what I want more and hopefully what I love continues.


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April 23, 2016

There have been many rumours since S Club 7 finished their UK arena Tour ‘Bring It All Back 2015’ last year. There were also many misconceptions of fans who thought that their comeback was going to be more than what it was and some people that even thought they came back for good and that it was going to last years if not forever... Well, that was obviously never the intended case.

Leaving rumours aside. the truth is that when asked about the future of the group, S Club 7 confirmed they were going to meet to discuss such future. implying, of course, that more plans for the whole group were a possibility. The mind behind their first major reunion, Tina, was the first to talk about it after the Tour ended, during an interview at the British Morning TV ShowThe Wright Stuff’, and later in the July edition of the OK! Magazine, Rachel who was interviewed about her family vacation in Portugal confirmed it aswell “let’s wait a few months and we will discuss everything”. Those months have passed and throughout this time Hannah has been another S Club member to talk about it this last couple of months while promoting her new role in British ShowCasualty’. “we’re going to meet soon to discuss the future of the group” she said to Daily Express at the beginning of this 2016 and to Inside Soap in March.

Okey! The fact that they had planned a meeting is clear, but has that meeting already happened? Here at SClubility we think that it has. And we think so because of the last statements from both Hannah and Paul. An appearance at TooMuchTV and an interview with has been two of the last promotional stops for Hannah: and at both she revealed what she thinks “it will be great for S Club 7 to come back for the 20th anniversary of the group".

Well, that’s something! but what it’s really promising is the last statements from Paul at a recent interview at BBC3 Radio two weeks ago. Here is a transcript of some of the things he said.

The interviewer asked: “You guys [S Club 7] did a massive reunion recently, is that still going? Are you guys doing another tour soon?” And Paul answered:

“I hope so, that was only... that was a small thing, just planned in a small way. [...] We were hoping we were gonna do a bit more. Maybe there hopefully will be something more in the future. I can’t say, I don’t know what the other guys are thinking.”

After a couple of minutes Paul continued: “I miss it, I miss it, I hope that we do it again, I miss the guys, I miss the vibe, I mean... I can’t say! There is something I’ve been told that might be happening. [...] At least there is something that is being planned and hopefully it will work out!”

So, thats it! There is something that might be happening, Paul’s statements make It look like that thing being planned may happen sooner than the 20th anniversary of the group which will be in 2019. This, of course, can’t be taken as a serious confirmation, but rumours have reached this site claiming that a tour might be happening this winter! The last thing that it's worth to recall is that tweet from Paul last year when he jokingly said that the group would be reuniting on December of 2016. Unfortunately I can’t find that tweet anymore (If someone has a screenshoot, please send it in). Although Hannah mentioned the 20th anniversary reunion, that could easily be a way to surprise people later on.

So will S Club 7 reunite soon? Nothing’s clear. You decide what to believe! Fingers crossed that we leam soon whatever they are planning to do. and please, let it be another tour!