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| May 30, 2015

DailyMail.co.uk: She can be trusted to always put on a stylish sartorial display. Rachel Stevens cuts a stylish figure in cropped blazer as she attends fashion store launch in London.

Rachel did not disappoint as she rubbed shoulders with fellow stars at the Oxford Street launch of women’s accessory brand Folli Follie on Thursday evening. The S Club 7 star looked chic as she slung a cropped tuxedo style blazer cape over a purple peplum top. 

She teamed the navy jacket with black trousers while she added height to the look with strappy black peep-toe heels. The 37-year-old completed her look with a snakeskin clutch while she wore her brunette faux crop in light curls. 

Rachel clearly enjoyed her night as she tweeted:

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Jon lee who is currently on holidays in sunny Spain will be chatting to Ken Bruce this coming week every single day on BBC Radio 2 around 09:30. Stay tuned for more.
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| May 26, 2015
The S Club 7 official Twitter account has just re-tweeted this couple of tweets from Ryan Seacrest and his new show 'Knock Knock'. The team behind the show is the one that created 'American Idol' and 'So Your Think You Can Dance', i.e. Simon Fuller and XIX Entertainment which is tagged in the picture attached to the first tweet. The new live show will be about "surprise unexpecting people at their front door w/ opps to win cash, meet celebs and more". "Meet celebs"... Does this mean S Club 7 may be involve? I guess we will know soon... You can have a look at the tweets below:

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| May 25, 2015

Very quiet lately... I was expecting an statement from S Club 7 saying goodbye to their fans after the end of the Tour, but it hasn't happened just yet. Many fans wonder what the future holds for the band, despite what many could think, the thing is that right now their future is quite uncertain.

Firstly the App described 'Bring It All Back 2015' as "S Club's final Tour"; secondly the first  tour review from the press featured some remarks about Bradley and Tina saying that "this was the last time doing it"; finally the morning S Club 7 was about to perform at Sheffield Rachel commented how emotional she felt about "their last ever show". Given these declarations, it really seems that we can expect nothing more from the group. To be fair, they were very clear since the beginning, the main goal of the reunion was to make a new Tour, then as Tina would say: "let's see what happens". But at this point we can start to speculate.

I firmly believe that dissapearing without saying a farewell message wouldn't be appropiate, so the first question is: why hasn't it happened yet? what are they waiting for? Is that odd game interview about the TV series the last ever update from S Club 7's official Facebook account? Really? - I don't think so. It's time to remember Hannah's comments to BANG Showbiz two weeks ago: "After the tour - I think it would be pretty epic to release another song, as a band.". In another interview Paul said to DigitalSpy how he "wouldn't mind writing a song if everyone wanted to sing along"... Hannah put a line under it all by saying that "our heads are just so on the tour at the minute, but I'm sure we'll be chatting about all those options". At the O2 in London, the VIP coordinator, John O'Connell told fans that there was no DVD plans but also, that the band was thinking about the possibility of releasing a new album.

Let's speculate more by reading this rumour originated in 2012 (yes, the year S Club 7 started talking about the reunion): "The guys have been inundated with approaches and offers over the past three years, but always said no. But following a series of talks and meetings, they decided to go for it. The band figured it was a case of now or never. And if the gigs go well there is the option to release a new album". Read the original article here.

While here at SClubility the idea of S Club 7 releasing a new music album seems actually pretty difficult to materialize, it is really nice to stop and dream a bit. What I believe is that the door is open for them to do more projects. Whether or not those projects will happen is yet to be seen. Maybe tomorrow morning we will get that goodbye message, maybe we don't get nothing and S Club 7 just dissapears. We can't really tell... so "let's see what happens".
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| May 22, 2015

Catherine Ball Review: There ain’t no party like an S Club party and that certainly seemed to be the case as they brought the house down at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena.

The final show in their 'Bring It All Back Tour', S Club 7 finished their big reunion with a bang and more than a few tears. A nostalgic showcase of the group’s greatest hits, the audience happily got carried away on the sometimes emotional trip down memory lane.

The performance from S Club 7 was spectacular, set against a backdrop of photos and video montages from the good old days. Costume changes, a sparkling set and more special effects than you could shake a stick at ensured the show was a real celebration of S Club 7’s time in the spotlight. 

Nostalgia is big business nowadays and there’s no doubting that for many bands it is a big fat cheque which lures them back onto the stage rather than a desperate urge to revisit the musical back catalogue. However, in fairness to S Club 7, all seven members seemed to genuinely want to be there and their joy in reliving the past was infectious.

And the concert was more than just a rehash of old performances. The songs and dance routines had been updated with an edgier and more urban feel to them. As well as the old favourites, there were a few surprises including a solo acoustic version of Reach by a slightly worse-for-wear Paul Cattermole – as well as the expected all-singing, all-dancing version later in the show – and Bradley McIntosh singing Uptown Funk to rapturous applause.

But like all good parties, the smartest guests were those who were fashionably late. The support acts – a cringeworthy DJ playing dance music to make your ears bleed and A J Lehrman, a clean-cut Justin Bieber wannabe who seemed just a little eager to please – went down like a lead balloon. Perhaps they should have tried to reform S Club Juniors instead.
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BuzzFeed.com Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The “S Club 7” TV Show

Miami 7 and L.A. 7 are two iconic TV shows that aired in the early 2000s, starring pop group S Club 7. Both series also aired as on U.S. television as S Club 7 in Miami and S Club 7 in L.A.

We divided the boys — Bradley McInthosh, Paul Cattermole, and Jon Lee — into one group. And the girls — Jo O’Meara, Tina Barrett, Hannah Spearritt, and Rachel Stevens — into a second.

1. Real or Fake: You all had to work as employees at the Paradise Hotel instead of being able to sing full-time.

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

POINTS — Boys: 1, Girls: 1

2. Real or Fake: Paul stole car parts from Howard, the hotel manager, to put in his own car.

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

FAKE. It was, in fact, Jo and Bradley who stole the car parts.
POINTS — Boys: 2, Girls: 2

3. Real or Fake: Howard hid in the basement during a Hawaiian luau, because he was afraid a hurricane would wipe out the hotel.

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

POINTS — Boys: 3, Girls: 3

4. Real or Fake: Jo’s boyfriend had an affair with a woman who writes elevator muzak.

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

It’s true, Jo’s boyfriend made out with a woman who writes elevator muzak, but she did dump him first. So we’ll skip this round.

5. Real or Fake: Howard’s date was ruined when Hannah released an alligator into the hotel.

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

FAKE. While Hannah did release an alligator into the hotel, along with the boys, it didn’t ruin Howard’s date.
POINTS — Boys: 4, Girls: 3
We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

6. Real or Fake: Jon, dressed as an alien, fell asleep in a laundry truck.

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

FAKE. Tina’s right, it was her.
POINTS — Boys: 5, Girls: 4

7. Real or Fake: You all had to sing a song in court to get out of trouble with a judge.

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

POINTS — Boys: 6, Girls: 5

8. Real or Fake: On your way to Los Angeles, you came across a time portal and traveled to the 1970s.

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

FAKE. The portal took them to the ’50s. They traveled to the ’70s on a cruise ship in the Bermuda Triangle.
POINTS — Boys: 7, Girls: 5
We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

9. Real or Fake: The first song you performed at the hotel in Los Angeles was “Two in a Million.”

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

FAKE. It was “Natural.” My favorite S Club song, but I digress.
POINTS — Boys: 7, Girls: 5
We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

10. Real or Fake: Rachel auditioned to play the character of “Zelda, Warrior Princess.”

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

REAL. All the girls did indeed audition.
POINTS — Boys: 8, Girls: 6

11. Real or Fake: Jon became a nude model to pay his bills.

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

FAKE. It was definitely Bradley.
POINTS — Boys: 8, Girls: 6

12. Real or Fake: Hannah stopped a burglar from breaking into Tom Cruise’s house.

We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

FAKE. It was TOMMY DEWITT’S house.
POINTS — Boys: 9, Girls: 7
We Asked S Club 7 How Well They Remember The "S Club 7" TV Show

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| May 21, 2015

Rachel Stevens has written a blog speaking about the end of S Club 7's reunion Tour 'Bring It All Back 2015' which final date is tonight in Sheffield.
Wow… These past few weeks have flown by so quickly.
I can’t believe that tonight will be our last ever show… cue tears!
I wanted to say the biggest thank you to absolutely everyone who has supported us along the way. We have had the most INCREDIBLE love from our fans; words can’t describe how grateful we are for keeping the S Club Party alive, not just while we’ve been on tour, but since S Club began. We’ve had fans fly in from America, Australia, Hong Kong, all over the world and it's been so memorable for every single one of us because of you and we are all hugely proud that we could share it with you all over again.

There are so many other people I’d like to thank, Tim for helping put this show back on the road, everyone at XIX Entertainment, my Monstas, Teresa our brilliant tour manager and her assistant Jordan, Simon our musical director, Cece our vocal coach, Malin and Amy our fabulous glam squad, Nicola our stylist, Ezra and the fabulous team for our amazing tour costumes (can I take them home with me please?!), Kate for helping us on the road with all of those quick changes(!), all of our fabulous dancers who have whipped us into shape and kept us sane and Beth, our incredible Creative Director and choreographer.

The tour could not have gone ahead without them and the rest of the crew and team who have worked relentlessly from sound guys and stage guys to drivers and catering and of course, not forgetting Simon and Dave on security! To every single person involved a big THANKYOU!
And to my very patient, loving and supportive family who I have missed so much, I have loved our FaceTime chats each day and seeing you at some of the gigs and cannot wait to get back home for cuddles very soon.

The last night of the tour will be such an emotional one for me. I am so lucky to have been able to experience so many different things, doing a job that I love, and being on tour with the whole gang again has been great fun and an opportunity to re-live some very special times in my life.
When I stepped on the bus at the beginning of May, I could never have imagined the kind of response that we’ve had. So thank you all for being there to Bring It All Back with us… Sheffield, let’s make this one the best one yet - who's with me?
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S Club 7 have admitted their reunion has been ''emotional''. The 'Reach' hitmakers - comprised of Tina Barrett, Rachel Stevens, Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole, Hannah Spearritt, Jon Lee and Jo O'Meara - reunited for a UK tour for the first time since their split in 2003, and confessed getting back together led to some teary moments

Jon, 33, told BANG Showbiz: ''There have been emotional days. When people are tired, and there are some days when you take in the information really well and there are some days when we all forget it, and everyone's crying. Literally, it's like, we're on stage for a couple of weeks in front of 12,000 people, we don't know what we're doing.'

As well as getting emotional as a result of their exhaustion and fears about being ready to perform, they revealed looking back at old clips of themselves in the band - which are used as background clips during their live show - brought back lots of memories. 

Jo said: ''It's been absolutely brilliant. One day in our dress runs, we hadn't seen the video wall behind us and we had a bit of a moment. I looked at Hannah and she'd gone, and then I looked at Rach, she'd gone, and I thought, sod you! Then I've gone.''

But Bradley insisted they cried out of happiness, because they have such fond memories of their time in the band, during which they released four studio albums. He added: ''When we saw the video featuring old footage, you can't help but just look at yourself back in the day and think, 'Aww! We were so young and innocent.''

Today S Club 7 will have to face the most emotional date of their 'Bring It All Back 2015 Tour' as they will be performing for the last time in Sheffield. To all the fans going, have a good time!
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DailyRecord.co.uk: Rachel Stevens is loving being on the road with S Club 7 again but admits she can't wait for reunion with her two kid. 

Rachel and her old bandmates were in Scotland yesterday to take to the stage at Glasgow's SSE hydro tfor the penultimate night of their UK comeback tour. Rachel Stevens is loving every minute of the S Club 7 reunion tour but the singer can’t wait to finish – so she can see her ­daughters again.

The former FHM pin-up is mum to Minnie, one, and four-year-old Amelie these days, and admits finding the last few weeks hard without them, and her husband Alex. She said: “It’s tough to be away from my daughters and husband. Minnie is only one and it’s so hard not being with her, but I’m very lucky and have brilliant support around me. I have a brilliant au pair who lives with us and my mum is round the corner and chips in to help. Amelie is at nursery all day and it’s just a case of keeping that consistency and balancing everything.”

Rachel, who took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 and returned for last year’s Christmas special before joining the show on tour, has been using Apple’s ­FaceTime to talk to her wee ones while she has been away. She is looking forward to a different kind of reunion when the girls join her for the final night of the tour in London on Saturday. She said: “I am always checking in throughout day, before the show and then we have a little chat before they go to bed and it’s lovely. It’s really special to be able to share this with them. Amelie came to London to see me with Alex, even though Minnie is a bit too little and she will be in bed."

"Amelie saw me on Children in Need and came to Strictly in January. This is her first proper arena big show and she is so excited. She knows all the words to the songs and Alex has been playing the CD in the car whenever we go out. She’s not seen the tour bus yet and someone asked me if I’d get her on stage but I wouldn’t be able to get her off because she’s a little performer. I’d always be so supportive if she wanted to be onstage too and go into this business.”

Rachel is not the only mummy on tour and bandmate Jo O’Meara has already let her son Lenny join in on the activities at earlier dates. Rachel said: “He came down and watched the show in Cardiff last week. It was his seventh birthday, so we had a party and cake and balloons, which was adorable and really special. It was gorgeous.”

Despite giving birth to Minnie only a year ago and a stint as a judge on The Voice of Ireland, Rachel reckons she’s in good shape for the tour. She said: “I was really lucky doing the Strictly tour in January because dancing for me is the best exercise ever and always gets me in shape. It was really great post-Christmas and I’m very fortunate I didn’t put on too much weight having Minnie. It usually takes a good year till your body comes back to you after a baby and I’ve pretty much been dancing since January. I get more of a lie-in being on tour than at home because I’m usually woken by the girls at 6.30am. We do have quite late nights here, though."

She added: “It will be lovely to be home with my family after the tour finishes and we’re going on holiday. It’ll be so lovely to get some sunshine. We had a big build-up to the tour with rehearsals and I was also on The Voice, going back and forth from Ireland every weekend. With the kids it’s been non-stop and I’ve not had a day off for six months. A holiday is very much in order, although I love being so busy.”

Rachel said that while everyone is a little older and wiser this time round, she believes S Club always had a strong work ethic. She said: “It’s all healthy eating on the tour bus these days because when you get older you are more aware of what you are eating. We are really not that rock’n’ roll and have all got sandwiches and ­blueberries on the tour bus."

“The social networking element has also changed and now when you are up on stage there are thousands of phone cameras in the audience and everyone is filming, so you get an immediate response from fans online. S Club have always been hard workers because we had the TV show as well as doing promo and recording. It always was pretty non-stop, 24 hours a day, so we expect to work hard on a tour like this.”

Rachel claims there are no other plans for future S Club 7 projects when the tour finishes, despite it being a success. She said: “I don’t know what’s next. That’s it, really. This tour was all about a greatest hits tour and to celebrate it for fans. We’ve had a brilliant time and who knows? It’s lovely to all come back together.”

The band were looking forward to hitting the stage in Scotland, where they have have always enjoyed a great rapport with the audience. She confirmed: “Without sounding corny, Scotland has amazing fans and has always been one of the places we remember going to. The crowds are really loud and up for it. The support has been incredible and the ­feedback so positive.”

As the last date looms on the horizon, Rachel confesses that she’s already getting emotional thinking about the final curtain. She said: “I think there will be some tears in Glasgow. We’ve had some already and are a soppy lot – Jo, Hannah and me in particular. We have our moments in the show when we get all sorts of visuals and big screens and when we watched the Say Goodbye video for the first time in soundcheck, Hannah and I had a little tear."
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| May 19, 2015

Ashley Percival: S Club 7 Tour Review: 90s Group Bring The Party Back With Nostalgia-Filled London O2 Gig - Huffintonpost.co.uk rates 'BIAB15' with 4/5 stars:

The S Club Party rolled back into town over the weekend as S Club 7 brought their ‘Bring It All Back’ reunion tour to London’s O2 Arena in a blaze of nostalgia-filled glory. It had been nearly 12 years since the seven-piece pop outfit were last on stage altogether, and expectations were mixed following their first performance since reforming on 2014’s Children In Need telethon, which was marred by vocal problems from lead singer Jo O’Meara.

But any worries that S Club were about to ruin the childhoods of an army of 90s kids with a sub-standard, 'we’re clearly just here for the cash’ performance were soon allayed when Jo, Hannah, Rachel, Tina, Jon, Bradley and Paul burst into the arena with the same saccharine enthusiasm that saw them rack up 13 consecutive top 10 singles in the late 90s and early 00s. 

The group kicked things off with album track 'Bring The House Down', which soon launched into a rendition of 'S Club Party', whipping everyone up into a frenzy as Tina did her thing and Paul got down on the floor - or at least tried to, bless him. They then took fans on a whistle-stop tour of their delightfully bubblegum back-catalogue, including hits such as ‘You’re My Number One’, ‘Alive’, ‘Natural’ and ‘You’

However, a lull in proceedings followed as each member was given the chance to shine with a solo number. As Tina Barrett showcased her little-heard vocals on ‘Sunshine’ album track ‘Stronger’, Hannah Spearritt covered Paula Abdul's 1988 hit 'Straight Up' and Paul Cattermole played an acoustic version of 'Reach' on the guitar, it all felt like a way of legitimising Rachel Stevens being able to perform her solo hits 'Some Girls' and 'Sweet Dreams My LA Ex'. Either way, the crowd were delighted to see the former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star up doing what she does best once again, and yes, we'd certainly pay cold hard cash to see Rachel on her own arena tour.

There was plenty of sing-along moments as S Club resurrected their iconic dance routines for ‘Reach’ and ‘Bring It All Back’, while the camera phone lights came out in force for mushy numbers ‘Have You Ever’ and ‘Say Goodbye’. But an unexpected highlight of the night came when the group brought things bang up to date with a cover of Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’, which proved to be much better than it sounds written down. 

The evening’s giddy trip down memory lane drew to a heady climax in the encore, as S Club closed the show with two of their standout hits ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ and ‘Don’t Stop Moving’, and by now there was not one member of the audience who was not on their feet wishing it was the year 2000 all over again

Looking around it was hard to believe that, when the band called it a day back in 2003, The O2 wasn't even a gig venue. 12 years later and there the seven-piece were, having sold it out completely - no mean feat given that some of today's biggest pop acts struggle to achieve the same (we're looking at you, Lady Gaga).

But as ‘The Big Reunion’ proved, while nostalgia is a great way of selling tickets, it’s a different story when it comes to relaunching a pop career off the back of it. Will S Club be the first to buck the trend? We certainly hope so.
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